Missouri Western's First HPP Construct

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The Missouri Western team has proposed to build this graph, which has an edge from node 1 to 2 (herein called Edge A), 2 to 3 (Edge B), and 1 to 3 (Edge C). In order to determine the likelihood that the biology should find the Hamiltonian path within this directed graph, Western has looked at starting arrangements which should be identified as easy, medium, and hard.

For the time being, an easy starting arrangement should be identified as one which, with one flip, can find a true postive. Similarily, a medium starting arrangement can find a true positive within 2 flips and and a hard can find a true positive within 3 flips.

The graphic below is a flowchart of a plan for the control construct. There are fourteen basic parts to this construct with one intermediate (used twice) already built by Davidson and mailed to Western July 6. This plan provides for the construction of several useful intermediates for future use and includes several intermediates that will be needed for the Davidson graph as well. Note that each pancake is constructed with the hix site on the left for easy re-use in future constructs.


The following depicts the four constructions for the Western graph. With the construction steps above and a switcheroo procedure, each of these four constructs is attainable in six stages along with two others that are not pictured. WesternHPP.jpg