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A very expensive book on Synthetic Biology (US$2700 for single user license edition):

Synthetic Biology: A New Paradigm for Biological Discovery

Sorted by publication date in descending order

A bottom-up approach to gene regulation.
Guido NJ, Wang X, Adalsteinsson D, McMillen D, Hasty J, Cantor CR, Elston TC, Collins JJ
Nature(30.979) , 2006 - USA(Massachusetts)

Regulation of flagella.
McCarter LL
Curr Opin Microbiol(6.869) , 2006 - USA(Iowa)

Regulatory dynamics of synthetic gene networks with positive feedback.
Maeda YT, Sano M
J Mol Biol(5.239) , 2006 - Japan

Synthetic biology: new engineering rules for an emerging discipline.
Andrianantoandro E, Basu S, Karig DK, Weiss R
Mol Syst Biol(0) , 2006 - USA(New Jersey)

A synthetic multicellular system for programmed pattern formation.
Basu S, Gerchman Y, Collins CH, Arnold FH, Weiss R
Nature(30.979) , 2005 - USA(New Jersey)

A synthetic gene-metabolic oscillator.
Fung E, Wong WW, Suen JK, Bulter T, Lee SG, Liao JC
Nature(30.979) , 2005 - USA(California)

Long-term monitoring of bacteria undergoing programmed population control in a microchemostat.
Balagadde FK, You L, Hansen CL, Arnold FH, Quake SR
Science(29.162) , 2005 - USA(California)

Artificial cell-cell communication in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae using signaling elements from Arabidopsis thaliana.
Chen MT, Weiss R
Nat Biotechnol(17.721) , 2005 - USA(New Jersey)

Hysteresis in a synthetic mammalian gene network.
Kramer BP, Fussenegger M
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(10.272) , 2005 - Switzerland

Ultrasensitivity and noise propagation in a synthetic transcriptional cascade.
Hooshangi S, Thiberge S, Weiss R
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(10.272) , 2005 - USA(New Jersey)

Semi-synthetic mammalian gene regulatory networks.
Kramer BP, Fischer M, Fussenegger M
Metab Eng(3.397) , 2005 - Switzerland

Transcriptional regulation and metabolism.
Brynildsen MP, Wong WW, Liao JC
Biochem Soc Trans(2.579) , 2005 - USA(California)

Signal-amplifying genetic circuit enables in vivo observation of weak promoter activation in the Rhl quorum sensing system.
Karig DK, Weiss R
Biotechnol Bioeng(2.173) , 2005 - USA(New Jersey)

A network of orthogonal ribosome x mRNA pairs.
Rackham O, Chin JW
Nat Chem Biol(0) , 2005 - UK

Programmed population control by cell-cell communication and regulated killing.
You L, Cox RS 3rd, Weiss R, Arnold FH
Nature(30.979) , 2004 - USA(California)

Using a quantitative blueprint to reprogram the dynamics of the flagella gene network.
Kalir S, Alon U
Cell(26.626) , 2004 - Israel

An engineered epigenetic transgene switch in mammalian cells.
Kramer BP, Viretta AU, Daoud-El-Baba M, Aubel D, Weber W, Fussenegger M
Nat Biotechnol(17.721) , 2004 - Switzerland

Programmable cells: interfacing natural and engineered gene networks.
Kobayashi H, Kaern M, Araki M, Chung K, Gardner TS, Cantor CR, Collins JJ
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(10.272) , 2004 - USA(Massachusetts)

Design of artificial cell-cell communication using gene and metabolic networks.
Bulter T, Lee SG, Wong WW, Fung E, Connor MR, Liao JC
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(10.272) , 2004 - USA(California)

Spatiotemporal control of gene expression with pulse-generating networks.
Basu S, Mehreja R, Thiberge S, Chen MT, Weiss R
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(10.272) , 2004 - USA(New Jersey)

Optimizing genetic circuits by global sensitivity analysis.
Feng XJ, Hooshangi S, Chen D, Li G, Weiss R, Rabitz H
Biophys J(4.463) , 2004 - USA(New Jersey)

Development of genetic circuitry exhibiting toggle switch or oscillatory behavior in Escherichia coli.
Atkinson MR, Savageau MA, Myers JT, Ninfa AJ
Cell(26.626) , 2003 - USA(Michigan)

Combinatorial synthesis of genetic networks.
Guet CC, Elowitz MB, Hsing W, Leibler S
Science(29.162) , 2002 - USA(New Jersey)

Directed evolution of a genetic circuit.
Yokobayashi Y, Weiss R, Arnold FH
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A(10.272) , 2002 - USA(California)

Positive feedback in eukaryotic gene networks: cell differentiation by graded to binary response conversion.
Becskei A, Seraphin B, Serrano L
EMBO J(10.456) , 2001 - Germany

A synthetic oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators.
Elowitz MB, Leibler S
Nature(30.979) , 2000 - USA(New Jersey)

Engineering stability in gene networks by autoregulation.
Becskei A, Serrano L
Nature(30.979) , 2000 - Germany

Construction of a genetic toggle switch in Escherichia coli.
Gardner TS, Cantor CR, Collins JJ
Nature(30.979) , 2000 - USA(Massachusetts)