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Latest News

  • Our NYMU iGEM team meets regularly every week.
    You are more than welcome to join us for the discussion.
     no matter if you are a formal member of our team or not.
    The regular meeting for our team is scheduled as follows: 
    Time & Date: 6:00 pm on every Friday 
    Place: Room 417, Library/Information Building (圖資大樓), National Yang Ming University (
    ">check map here! We are at the P3 location on the map) 

The Beauty of our School - National Yang Ming University

http://igem.ym.edu.tw/iGEM2007/images/a/a0/P04.jpg http://igem.ym.edu.tw/iGEM2007/images/3/37/P03.jpg
http://igem.ym.edu.tw/iGEM2007/images/1/13/Y02.jpg http://igem.ym.edu.tw/iGEM2007/images/d/d3/Y09.jpg

 Our iGEM2007 Mascot and Recruitment Poster

http://igem.ym.edu.tw/iGEM2007/images/5/53/Image_logo.jpg http://igem.ym.edu.tw/iGEM2007/images/5/55/Image_poster.jpg