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  • Soybean DapA mutations encoding lysine-insensitive dihydrodipicolinate synthase Gregg W. Silk and Benjamin F. Matthews
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People who helped us

We are extremely grateful to all the people who helped us in a way or an other during this project:

  • the TaMaRa Lab (, for their help, material and intellectual support. And especially Béatrice, Magalie, Marianne, Marie Flo, Marina, Marjorie, Mederick, Michelle and all the lab people without whom we could have done nothing.
  • Francois Xavier Barre, CNRS CGM Gif-sur-Yvettes, for interesting discussions that influenced our project a lot, and for divers strains.
  • Cedric Auffray INSERM U838, for FACS facility.
  • Grégory Batt, INRIA Rocquencourt, for late but useful and intensive personal investment.
  • Jean-Louis Giavitto, Olivier Michel, IBISC lab, FRE CNRS 2873, Université d'Evry Val d'Essonne, Genopole