Paris/July 22


yesterday -- tomorrow

Digestion products

Purification of the digestion products of 21/07/07 purif. using the SV wizard gel cleanup system

elution of the purification products in 30-40microL H2O

Overnight cultures launched

The following ON cultures were launched:

  • pJ23107 clone 3 (from the glycerol stock S14.3) in 5ml LB-Amp. For performing a miniprep
  • w121 (from glycerol stock S12) in 5 ml LB-Erythromycin. For performing growth-kinetics analysis on DAP supplemented media

I was unable to launch the following culture because of lack of a glycerol stock:

  • pJ23107 clone 2 (from the glycerol stock S6.2) in 5ml LB-Amp. For performing a miniprep

E.Coli pKS::DGAT

We look under microscopy 72 hours after incubation of E.coli transformed by pKS::DGAT and the control E.coli transformed by part B0015 on different LB medium (See July 18).

  • Observation:

We can observe E.coli single cells (100X).

Coli dgat 07222007.jpg

  • Interpretation:

We can observe lipid inclusion into E.coli transformed by pKS::DGAT with IPTG induction. With or without adding oleate we do not observe significant differences. Signal would be better with more cells.