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Scientific Publications from iGEM Projects

Computing With Living Hardware
2006 Davidson-Missouri Western iGEM Team: Haynes, K.A., Broderick, M.L., Brown, A.D., Butner, T.L., Harden, L., Heard, L., Jessen, E., Malloy, K., Ogden, B., Rosemond, S., Simpson, S., Zwack, E., Campbell, A.M., Eckdahl, T., Heyer, L.J., Poet, J.
IET Synth. Biol. 1(1-2) 44-47 (2007)

Engineered human cells: say no to sepsis
2006 Ljubljana iGEM Team: Ciglič M., Fekonja O., Kovač J., Oblak A., Pohar J., Skočaj M., Tkavc R., Benčina M., Panter G., Manček Keber M., Dolinar M. Jerala R.
IET Synth. Biol. 1(1-2) 13-16 (2007)
(iGEM2006 Grand Prize winners present their work on modification of human cells that could not induce sepsis yet be able to react against pathogens.)

iGEM Publications Committee

We are starting an iGEM publications committee to help iGEM teams get their projects published. If you want to join, add your username, real name, and organization here.


  • User:Randy Randy Rettberg
  • User:Alfonso Alfonso Jaramillo. Ecole Polytechnique (France).
  • User:Bottani Samuel Bottani. University Paris-Diderot / Pasteur Institute (France).

Other Resources

You can download high resolution copies of the iGEM and iGEM07 logos here (photoshop .psd file of the igem / igem07 logo, plus high resolution .png files of the igem and igem07 logo.) Note that the iGEM logo and iGEM 2007 logo are copyrighted by iGEM and provided here for iGEM participants to help them promote iGEM and their iGEM team.