T7-RBS I716306

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Biobrickificreation of T7 Promoters I716105
PCR ca1090F and dt008-PT7-wt (62 bp, EcoRI/BamHI, Product = A)
Sub into pBca9145-Bca1144 (EcoRI/BamHI, 2063+910, L)
Product A is pBca9145-I716105-PT7-wt
dt008-PT7-wt T7 Promoter (Wild Type) GtttGGATCCaccTCTCCCTATAGTGAGTCGTATTAtacAGATCTcatGAATTCcagaa
Sub into pJD507_pSB1A2C (EcoRI, BglII 2071bp, 9bp L)
Produst is I716306