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Dr. Karmella A. Haynes
Visiting Assitiant Professor of Biology, Davidson College
Davidson-Missouri Western [1] Faculty Team Member
Hello iGEMers. My name is Dr. Karmella A. Haynes. Visit my webpage at the Davidson College website...

Hello Synthetic Biology
I first became involved in Synthetic Biology through Davidson's 2006 iGEM project. I came to Davidson with extensive training in "classical" biology research (Molecular Genetics). My previous work had been rewarding...very tedious, but rewarding none-the-less. I was blown away by the elegance of the standardized system for assembling biological "parts." I instantly fell in love with the field of Synthetic Biology. I plan to continue research in this exploratory cutting-edge field. Perhaps I've been corrupted, having departed "classical" reductive biology for the engineer's "bottom-up" approach. Well, I am the daughter of an electrical engineer. Perhaps engineering is in my genes.

Can A Standardized Genetic Device Be Published?
Currently I am working on developing Davidson College's "E.HOP" living computer project to "completion" (a publishable unit). Synthetic Biology has made appearances in some high impact journals (i.e. Elowitz's Repressilator published in Nature), but none that I am aware of feature BioBrick standardized parts. I'm very excited about introducing this elegant standardization into the professional level of science.