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Welcome to the University of Calgary Wiki for the 2007 iGEM Competition

This site presents detailed information about both of our projects. We have two projects that we are entering in this compeition. The first Eco. Lisa is our biological entry, the second Evo Gem is our computational project. The overal theme of our entry this year is designing highly controlled systems that allow for human-bacteria interaction. Full descriptions of each project can be found by using the links to your left.

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E. coLisa!
laser shining on bacteria

E. coLisa is our teams main project this year. Our goal is to engineer E. coli so that when we shine a light on them they will relase a protein called agarase. The agarase will then dissolve the agar medium in which the bacteria rest. We want to use this sytem to dissolve images into agar plates and create very high resolution pictures.

Screenshot from EvoGEM

Evolutionary computer systems at their finest. Our EvoGEM project is a computer program that evolves combinations of iGEM BioBricks to attain a certain result. Curious? Checkout our evoGEM links to the left for more information.

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