Frequently Asked Questions


Q: My user account works on the iGEM2007 Registration page, but not on the Wiki. What is wrong?

A: If your user name has an unusual character in it (like at-sign or underscore) your account will work on the registration page, but may not work on the Wikis because the registration page accepts whatever string you enter, but the wikis process the userame string in various ways. For example, the wiki software converts underscore to space. The easy way to fix this is to send us an email with the old username and the new one. We can fix the database for you. - iGEM HQ

Q: What do I use the DNA Parts Kit for?

A: The DNA Parts Kit is your toolbox for the work you will be doing over the summer. It contains ALL of the parts that we have available at the Registry in the form of dry DNA. You will transform the DNA into cells and make your own glycerol stocks of any part that you wish. It does not contain enough DNA to do assembly. Click here to find out more information on storage and what to do with your plates.

Q: How do I find a particular part in the DNA Parts Kit?

A: There are four 384-well plates in the DNA Parts Kit. Each well contains a different part. To see how to locate a part, click here.

Q: Where are the plasmids in the 2007 DNA Parts Kit?

A: There are many plasmids available in the 2007 Parts Kit. In order to find them, you need to search the Registry for BBa_P1010. Look at the Physical DNA page, find the part in the plasmid you want, and locate that well in your DNA Parts Kit. For detailed information, see this page.

Q: I can't find BBa_I15010 in the distribution. Where is it? How can I get it?

A: BBa_I15010 is actually available in the Registry. Unfortunately it did not make it into the 2007 Parts Kit. There were some problems with this part at the beginning of last year. While we eventually got these issues solved, it failed to make it into the proper location in order to get into the distributions. The Registry would be more than happy to send this part out to any team that wants to use it. All you need to do is send Meagan an email with your request, shipping address and contact information.

Q: I'm not able to use the <math> tags for creating nice Latex expressions. Is it supported on this Wiki at all?