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iGEM 2007 Jamboree Handbook

Welcome to the iGEM 2007 Jamboree! The next few days will be full of exciting presentations, stimulating conversations, well-deserved awards, and most of all, a lot of fun. The following information will guide you through the whole Jamboree event from what to expect at Friday night set-up all the way to where you can pick up your lunch on Sunday afternoon after the awards ceremony. Please read through this whole guide! It contains a lot of useful instructions that will make your Jamboree experience go as smoothly as possible. And as a special note to team leaders, you will have some extra responsibilities so make sure you are aware of what you are expected to do.

Female staff polo.jpg
If you have a question at any point during the Jamboree, just look for one of the iGEM staff members in the bright yellow polo shirts.

Note: For all locations on the Stata Center - Student Street, consult the map in your folder or see the map here.

You can see a photo of the Stata Center here


Teams can check-in Friday night (November 2) at Jamboree pre-registration beginning at 6pm. It will take place at the MIT Stata Center. The street address is 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Regular registration begins Saturday (November 3) at 8:00am, also in the Stata Center. If you did not register online, it will be possible to register on-site on Saturday morning.

At registration you will pick up your team box containing badges, team member registration folders, team member participation certificates, and team seals of achievement. Each team leader (or a designated representative) will be responsible for picking up the team box. This means that each member of the team DOES NOT have to stand in line at Registration. Important: in order to pick up your team box, you will be required to turn in all photo release forms for each person that is on your team roster. The release forms are absolutely necessary (see section on release forms below). Registration personnel will check off each release form for each team member. Badge(s) pertaining to each person missing a release form will be held at Registration until the form has been turned in. Badges will be necessary for entrance into presentation rooms and for access to food.


You will receive your name badge as part of your team box, as long as you have submitted your photo release form. Please wear your badge at all times during the Jamboree and make sure it is clearly visible. Badges will be necessary for entrance into presentation rooms and for access to food. If you do not have a badge, you must register in order to obtain one.

Friday Night Setup

Teams will be allowed to set-up on the Friday night (November 2) prior to the Jamboree beginning at 6:00pm. You can put up your poster, see the layout of your presentation room, practice your presentation, and get to know fellow iGEM members. Note that there will not be technical staff on hand to help with audio/visual equipment. Please leave all presentation rooms in the condition that you found them. There will also be some food provided on a first come, first serve basis. You can find a sign up sheet here.

Please keep in mind that Friday night setup will only run from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. See the Security section below for detailed security information.

Photo Release

One of the products of the iGEM 2006 Jamboree was the iGEM from Above photograph. The use of this photograph, and all others from the 2006 Jamboree, was made possible due to the existence of a filled-out photo release form from every person attending the Jamboree. We must do the same for the 2007 Jamboree. In order to comply with the law, every person attending the Jamboree must fill out a photo release form. There is a copy of the release form on the iGEM 07 wiki that you should print, fill out, and bring with you to the Jamboree. Note: Team leaders, you must have a filled-out photo release form for each member of your team that is on the official roster before you can pick up your team member badges and team box. There will also be blank copies available at registration for you to fill out if you need another copy. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask an iGEM staff member (in the yellow iGEM polo shirts).

Team Leaders

As mentioned above, team leaders have a particular responsibility. Each team leader (or a designated representative) will be responsible for gathering all team member photo release forms and handing them in at registration in order to obtain your team box.

Team Boxes

Your team box will contain the following:

  • Team member badges
  • Team member certificates
  • Team member folders (with Jamboree material)
  • Team seals of achievement

Notes: Team leaders are responsible for picking up team boxes. Badges are to be worn at all times.

Seals of Achievement

This year we are also designating achievements for documentation of your project and contributions to the synthetic biology community. These achievements are signified by either a bronze, silver, or gold seal, which each team member can adhere to their participatory certificate. These designations will be based on their performance in the online judging round (online judging occurs in the week directly before the Jamboree).

Each task below gives you one (1) point:

  • Documentation of project on the iGEM 07 wiki
  • Submission of physical DNA for parts
  • Documentation of parts in the Registry.

To win an award you need to have the following point counts:

  • Bronze award: One (1) point total
  • Silver award: Two (2) points total
  • Gold award: Three (3) points total

You will be handed your team seals of achievement (one for each member on the official roster) when you pick up your team box at Registration. It is intended that your seal be placed on your participation certificate (for each team member) as well as one on your team poster.


Each team is required to present a poster at the Jamboree. The poster must be 4 ft (48 in, 121.92 cm) by 4 ft (48 in, 121.92cm). Each poster should be hung up on one of the poster stands that will be set up on the Stata Center - Student Street. Supplies for putting up your posters will be provided. Poster locations are not assigned for each team. Teams may choose where to put their poster in the locations that are available at that time.

Presentation Room Overflow Areas

Overflow areas for each of the 4 smaller presentation rooms (124, 141, 144, 155) have been set up to accommodate participants who wish to watch presentations from outside of the presentation rooms. There will be plasma screens set up with audio speakers. Each overflow area will have adequate seating and electrical outlets. Check the map for detailed locations for each overflow area.


Awards will be presented at the awards ceremony on Sunday (November 4). Each team that wins an award will get one trophy for the team as well as award certificates for each team member. These certificates are separate from the participation certificates that every team member from every team gets and that can be found in the team box. Both the award certificates and the participation certificates look great when framed. Certificate frames will be provided by iGEM HQ and will be available in the Stata Center from the time the awards ceremony finishes until 2pm.

IGEM Store

Come buy some iGEM products at the iGEM store! This year we will be selling iGEM hoodies (sweatshirts) for US$40 and iGEM iron-on patches for US$5. Wear your hoodies on those chilly days to keep you warm and stick your patch on your backpack, lab coat, jacket, or any other place you want to express your love for iGEM! And don't forget to buy some for your family and friends. The iGEM store will accept US dollars and all major credit cards.

Shout About iGEM Kiosk

The Jamboree is a great opportunity to share all of the hard work that you have put into your project, not only with the rest of the iGEM community, but with your family and friends as well. We would like to give you the opportunity to contact your friends and family right from the Jamboree and with an official iGEM Jamboree message. There will be a kiosk (with table and chairs) set up on the State Center - Student Street where you will be able to quickly fill out a few fields and send a pre-generated digital postcard to anyone you wish. We will also have a photographer that can take your picture and upload it to the postcard. This way you can send a live message to all of your family and friends. Don't forget to wear your team t-shirt or iGEM hoodie to show off in the photo. To find out more information, visit the Shout about iGEM kiosk on the student street.

Family and Friends

Family and friends are welcome for all iGEM Jamboree events. If non-iGEM team members (e.g. family and friends) want to attend the presentation sessions, poster sessions, and reception/dinner on Saturday, they have to officially register and get a badge (on-site registration is available and can be paid for with all major credit cards, US$275). If family and friends want to attend the awards ceremony (Sunday, November 4), they may do so without registering or obtaining badges. Admission to Kresge Auditorium for the awards ceremony will be free.


Food will be provided throughout the Jamboree. Badges must be (visibly) worn in order to have access to all food.

On Friday there will be pizza and refreshments on a first-come first-serve basis. (Note: badges do not have to be worn on Friday night).

On Saturday 30 minute coffee breaks occur every 90 minutes, and after the first six presentations and the group photo there will be lunch. Note that there will be three lunch locations on the Stata Center Student Street. Saturday evening after the presentations will be the start of the poster session. There will be a reception with some light food beginning at 5pm as well as dinner beginning at about 6pm (so save your appetite!).

On Sunday bagged lunches will be available to eat at Stata after the awards ceremony or take with you if you or your team must leave. Dinner on Sunday is not provided unless you have registered for the Registry Workshop.


If you need to check out of your hotel on Sunday morning and need to stow your luggage somewhere, you will be able to keep it in Room 124 in the Stata Center. It will be locked and/or supervised during the awards ceremony in Kresge Auditorium. You must pick up your luggage by 2pm. This is absolutely critical. If you do not remove your luggage from Room 124 in the Stata Center by 2pm on Sunday afternoon, it will be moved to another location and you will have to make special arrangements to pick it up.


The cities of Boston and Cambridge have a public transportation system that is comprised of buses and subways. You can find the website for the MBTA here. The MIT Stata Center is located on the MBTA Red Line at the Kendall/MIT subway stop. There are also several bus stops in the area which you can see here.

If you are driving to the Jamboree, you can park in this parking lot. Parking is free after 3:00pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.


Overnight security will be provided in the Stata Center Friday night. Posters put up on Friday night will be protected by an MIT security officer patrolling the Student Street overnight. Security will not be provided Saturday night.

Contact Information

If you need to get in touch with anyone at iGEM headquarters (HQ) for an urgent matter, you may contact the following people:

  • Randy Rettberg +1-978-325-1269
  • Meagan Lizarazo +1-917-453-1008
  • Mac Cowell +1-231-313-9062
  • Isadora Deese +1-617-510-3833

Emergency Information

If there is an emergency (medical emergency, fire, police, etc.) please contact MIT campus emergencies numbers:

  • From a campus phone: 100
  • From a cell phone, pay phone, or off-campus: +1-617-253-1212