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The Registry of Standard Biological Parts and the BioBricks Foundation are organizing workshops that will take place directly after the Jamboree. We hope you can participate in both.

Registry Workshop

The Registry Workshop (November 3 - 4) will focus on models for Part Peer-Review and the next-generation Registry software, and will also host a series of Special Interest Group sessions organized by the community. If you would like to organize one of the Birds of a Feather sessions or would like to suggest a topic, contact igem@mit.edu.

confirmed Birds of a Feather sessions

  • Fusion Protein Design: modularity & standards
    • organizer: Kristian Müller, University of Freiburg
    • My team and I would like to flock together with people interested in designing fusion proteins as parts. We stumbled over the fact that there are so far no official cloning rules. It would also be of interest to discuss modularity in protein design and the information which should be provided with each part.
      • One of my PhD students is working on this, too. We are designing an alternative pSB-based vector for expression of modular/fusion proteins but somehow I failed to keep current SB cloning rules... (Marko Dolinar, University of Ljubljana)

proposed Birds of a Feather sessions

  • DAS tutorial & accessing the registry with software
  • Modeling for realists (or, how to build accurate simulations)
  • BioBrick standards
  • Quality Control for DNA registries (cloning, sequencing, automation)
  • Beyond iGEM: Staying involved as an iGEM Alumni and getting involved in professional Synthetic Biology
  • iGEM in Europe Birds of a Feather
  • iGEM 2008 - How to make it better than iGEM 2007
  •  ?

BioBricks Foundation Workshop

The BioBricks Foundation workshop (Nov 5 - 6, separate registration required) will consider legal standards and characterization standards.

For now, check the schedule page for more information.