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The 2007 Virginia Tech iGEM team welcomes you to our Wiki!

Look around to learn about our 2007 project: Engineering an Epidemic.

Matching infection in a single population. Go to our modeling page to learn more.

Modeling and Epidemiology

This year, our team worked on engineering an epidemic by simulating the spread of an infection in a biological model system. Our model has multiple levels, which we matched to experimental data one at a time. Click here to read more about our modeling experience.

E.coli infected with fluorescent phage. This cell is lytic: the green spots are new phage particles being constructed prior to lysis.

Using a Biological Model System

λ phage and E. coli constitute our model system. λ phage has two infection pathways: lysis and lysogeny. A lytic cell will burst shortly after infection, while a lysogenic cell stays dormant. In order to find out which pathway had been chosen in our bacteria, we constructed a reporter plasmid.

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