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1ORE-CYCtata is 300bp long and this is its sequence:

ccgagatggctcgaccatctcggtgttaatactattatcccgagatggctcgagcagatccgccaggcgtgtatatagcgtggatggccaggcaactttagtgctgacaca tacaggcatatatatatgtgtgcgacgacacatgatcatatggcatgcatgtgctctgtatgtatataaaactcttgttttcttcttttctctaaatattctttccttata cattaggtcctttgtagcataaattactatacttctatagacacgcaaaca

1ore promoter .jpg

In this photo you can see the result of our PCR.Our amplification fragments are localizated at the level the band of the 0.5Kb Dna Marker