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iGEM wikis: [ 2006], [[Main_Page|2007]]<br>
iGEM wikis: [ 2006], [[Main_Page|2007]]<br>
[ Registry of Standard Biological Parts] <br>
[ Registry of Standard Biological Parts] <br>
Biobricks Parts Lists: [ 2005], [ 2006], [ 2007]
Biobricks Parts Lists: [ 2005], [ 2006], [ 2007]<br>
Tutorials: []
[ Tutorials]

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I haven't had time to update this section of the wiki. Someone should replace this block of text with something legit when they have downtime. -Sam
Networks of interacting cells provide the basis for neural learning. We have developed the process of addressable conjugation for communication within a network of E. coli bacteria. Here, bacteria send messages to one another via conjugation of plasmid DNAs, but the message is only meaningful to cells with a matching address sequence. In this way, the Watson Crick base-pairing of addressing sequences replaces the spatial connectivity present in neural systems. To construct this system, we have adapted natural conjugation systems as the communication device. Information contained in the transferred plasmids is only accessable by "unlocking" the message using RNA based 'keys'. The resulting addressable conjugation process is being adapted to construct a network of NAND logic gates in bacterial cultures. Ultimately, this will allow us to develop networks of bacteria capable of trained learning.

Team Members

John Dueber
Christopher Anderson
Adam Arkin
Jay Keasling

Teaching Assistants
Farnaz Nowroozi
Amin Hajimorad
Rickey Bonds

Undergraduate Researchers
Arthur Yu
Austin Day
David Tulga
Kristin Doan
Samantha Liang
Vaibhavi Umesh
Kristin Fuller

High School Students
Vincent Parker
Nhu Nguyen
Hannah Cole

Team Resources

Oligo List Spreadsheet
CloneSaver Spreadsheet
Our BioBrick Parts
All construction files
All sequencing files

If you need an invitation to the spreadsheets, ask Sam.

Tools and Guides

Biobricks and Cloning Tutorials
Pairwise Alignment Online
Multiple Sequence Alignment
Wiki Formatting Guide

Useful Links

UC Berkeley iGEM 2006 OpenWetWare
UC Berkeley iGEM 2006 wiki
iGEM wikis: 2006, 2007
Registry of Standard Biological Parts
Biobricks Parts Lists: 2005, 2006, 2007

Team Notebooks

John Dueber Notebook
Christopher Anderson Notebook
Farnaz Nowroozi Notebook
Amin Hajimorad Notebook
Rickey Bonds Notebook

Keep your wiki notebooks, sequencing/construction logs, and the registry updated!

Arthur Yu's 1337 Notebook
Austin Day Notebook
David Tulga's Notebook
Kristin Doan Notebook
Samantha's Notebook (June - July 19, 2007
Samantha's Notebook (July 20, 2007 - present)
Vaibhavi Umesh Notebook
Kristin Fuller Notebook

Vincent Parker Notebook
Nhu Nguyen Notebook
Hannah Cole Notebook