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[[Amin Hajimorad Notebook]]<br>
[[Amin Hajimorad Notebook]]<br>
[[Rickey Bonds Notebook]]<br>
[[Rickey Bonds Notebook]]<br>
[[Arthur Yu Notebook]]<br>
[[Arthur Yu Notebook | Arthur Yu's 1337 Notebook]]<br>
[[Austin Day Notebook]]<br>
[[Austin Day Notebook]]<br>
[[David Tulga Notebook]]<br>
[[David Tulga Notebook]]<br>

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We are the UC Berkeley iGEM Team for 2007.

John Dueber
Christopher Anderson
Adam Arkin
Jay Keasling

Teaching Assistants
Farnaz Nowroozi
Amin Hajimorad
Rickey Bonds

Undergraduate Researchers
Arthur Yu
Austin Day
David Tulga
Kristin Doan
Samantha Liang
Vaibhavi Umesh

High School Students

Coming Soon!

Team Resources

Oligo List Spreadsheet
Our BioBrick Parts
All construction files
All sequencing files

Tools and Guides
Biobricks and Cloning Tutorials
Pairwise Alignment Online
Wiki Formatting Guide

Team Notebooks
John Dueber Notebook
Christopher Anderson Notebook
Farnaz Nowroozi Notebook
Amin Hajimorad Notebook
Rickey Bonds Notebook
Arthur Yu's 1337 Notebook
Austin Day Notebook
David Tulga Notebook
Kristin Doan Notebook
Samantha Liang Notebook
Vaibhavi Umesh Notebook