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Complete list of Sequencing files

Note on use: put your sequencing files in your own sequencing file template file. These link from your notebook page. They will automatically appear on this page. The template excel file to add more tables is here.


The numbers start at where the Arkin Wiki left off.

SampleDatePlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
ald123 6/6/07 9145-I716053 N/A ca998 perfect ald123
ald124 6/6/07 9145-I716054 N/A ca998 perfect ald124
ald125 6/6/07 9145-I716055 #1 ca998 wrong ald125
ald126 6-7-07 9145-I716055 #2 ca998 perfect ald126
ald127 6-7-07 pBCA1101-bca9231 ca998 ald127
ald128 6-9-07 I716058 AKA:I716053m29 #1 ca998 perfect, point muation in EcoR1 Site? ald128
ald129 6-9-07 I716058 AKA:I716053m29 #2 ca998 Deletion following mutation ald129
ald130 6-9-07 I716058 AKA:I716053m29 #3 ca998 perfect, point muation in EcoR1 Site? ald130
ald131 6-9-07 I716059 AKA:I716054m108 #1 ca998 Perfect ald131
ald132 6-9-07 I716059 AKA:I716054m108 #2 ca998 Perfect ald132
ald133 6-9-07 I716059 AKA:I716054m108 #3 ca998 Perfect ald133
ald134 6-14-07 9145-Bca1154 #1 ca998 (Revised: Mixed plasmid) silent point mutation, Gln caa -> cag, %15.33 -> %28.92 ald134
ald135 6-14-07 9145-Bca1154 #2 ca998 2 point mutations, but were close calls. Probably correct ald135
ald136 6-14-07 9145-Bca1150 #1 ca998 perfect ald136
ald137 6-14-07 9145-Bca1150 #2 ca998 wrong ald137
ald138 6-14-07 pTrc-I716061 #1 ca998 wrong oligo... ald138
ald139 6-14-07 pTrc-I716061 #2 ca998 wrong oligo... ald139
ald140 6-14-07 pTrc-I716061 #3 ca998 wrong oligo... ald140
ald141 6-14-07 pTrc-I716061 #4 ca998 wrong oligo... ald141
ald142 6-14-07 9145-I716062 #1 ca998 perfect ald142
ald143 6-14-07 9145-I716062 #2 ca998 perfect ald143
ald144 6-14-07 9145-I716062 #3 ca998 wrong ald144
ald145 6-14-07 9145-I716063 #1 ca998 huge deletion ald145
ald146 6-14-07 9145-I716063 #2 ca998 huge deletion ald146
ald147 6-14-07 9145-I716063 #3 ca998 silent point mutation, T->A, Val 18.33% -> Val 10.88% ald147
ald148 6-18-07 9145-I716061 #1 D57 Perfect (shows beta HbA) ald148
ald149 6-18-07 9145-I716061 #2 D57 Perfect (shows alpha HbA) ald149
ald150 6-18-07 9145-I716061 #1 D58 Perfect ald150
ald151 6-18-07 9145-I716061 #2 D58 Perfect ald151
ald152 6-19-07 9145-1154 #3 ca998 Wrong ald152
ald153 6-19-07 9145-1154 #4 ca998 Failed ald153
ald154 6-22-07 9145-1154 #1a ca998 point mutation K96R ald154
ald155 6-22-07 9145-1154 #1b ca998 point mutation K96R ald155
ald156 6-22-07 9145-1154 #1c ca998 point mutation K96R ald156
ald157 6-26-07 9145-I716070 #1 ca998 Perfect! ald157
ald158 6-26-07 9145-I716070 #2 ca998 Perfect! ald158
ald159 6-26-07 9145-I716070 #3 ca998 Perfect! ald159
ald160 6-26-07 pTrc-I716069 #1 D57 Silent point mutation at nucleotide 103, beta chain, otherwise perfect ald160
ald161 6-26-07 pTrc-I716069 #1 D58 Silent point mutation at nucleotide 103, beta chain, otherwise perfect ald161
ald162 6-26-07 pTrc-I716069 #2 D57 Silent point mutation at nucleotide 103, beta chain, otherwise perfect ald162
ald163 6-26-07 pTrc-I716069 #2 D58 Silent point mutation at nucleotide 103, beta chain, otherwise perfect ald163
ald164 6-27-07 9145-I716073 #1 ca998 Wrong ald164
ald165 6-27-07 9145-I716073 #2 ca998 Wrong ald165
ald166 6-27-07 9145-I716073 #3 ca998 Silent point mutation! ald166
ald167 6-27-07 9145-I716072 #1 ca998 Wrong ald167
ald168 6-27-07 9145-I716072 #2 ca998 Wrong ald168
ald169 6-27-07 9145-I716072 #3 ca998 wrong ald169
ald170 6-27-07 9145-I716068 #1 ca998 Point deletion ald170
ald171 6-27-07 9145-I716068 #2 ca998 Wrong ald171
ald172 6-27-07 9145-I716068 #3 ca998 Wrong ald172
ald173 7-01-07 9145-I716068 1a ca998 Perfect ald173
ald174 7-01-07 9145-I716068 2a ca998 Point deletion, but probably not, near the end of read and it's kind of fuzzy ald174
ald175 7-01-07 9145-I716068 5a ca998 Point mutation and is parent vector from the previous step. (No mutation) ald175
ald176 7-01-07 9145-I716068 6a ca998 Perfect ald176
ald177 7-01-07 9145-I716068 8a ca998 Perfect ald177
ald178 7-04-07 9145-I716072 1 ca998 Perfect ald178
ald179 7-04-07 9145-I716072 2 ca998 Perfect ald179
ald180 7-04-07 9145-I716072 3 ca998 Perfect ald180
ald181 7-04-07 9145-I716072 4 ca998 Perfect ald181
ald182 7-04-07 9145-I716072 5 ca998 Wrong ald182
ald183 7-04-07 9145-I716072 6 ca998 Perfect ald183
ald184 7-04-07 9145-I716077 1 ca998 The point mutation changed back, still silent (Didn't "really" change back) otherwise perfect ald184
ald185 7-04-07 9145-I716077 2 ca998 Perfect until the read goes bad (probably should start sequencing backwards too) ald185
ald186 7-04-07 9145-I716078 1 ca998 Perfect ald186
ald187 7-04-07 9145-I716078 2 ca998 Perfect ald187
ald188 7-04-07 9145-I716079 1 ca998 Perfect ald188
ald189 7-04-07 9145-I716079 2 ca998 Perfect until read goes bad. ald189
ald190 07-09-07 9145-I716011 ca998 Perfect ald190
ald191 07-09-07 9145-I716011 g00101 Perfect ald191
ald192 07-09-07 9145-I716071 ca998 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald192
ald193 07-09-07 9145-I716071 g00101 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald193
ald194 07-09-07 9145-I716074 ca998 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald194
ald195 07-09-07 9145-I716074 g00101 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald195
ald196 07-09-07 9145-I716075 ca998 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald196
ald197 07-09-07 9145-I716075 g00101 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald197
ald198 07-09-07 9145-I716076 ca998 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald198
ald199 07-09-07 9145-I716076 g00101 Wrong, missing alpha subunit ald199
ald200 07-09-07 9145-I716083 #2 D57 Wrong ald200
ald201 07-09-07 9145-I716084 #2 D57 Wrong construct, has providence and the 2X alpha subunit ald201
ald202 07-09-07 9145-I716085 #2 D57 Failed read: Multiple Plasmids ald202
ald203 07-09-07 9145-I716086 #2 D57 Missing Alpha Subunit ald203
ald204 07-13-07 9145-I716080 ca998 Perfect ald204
ald205 07-13-07 9145-I716081 ca998 Perfect ald205
ald206 07-13-07 9145-I716082 ca998 Silent point mutation, so ~Perfect! (Phew!) ald206
ald207 7-16-07 9145-I716074 ca998 Beta part is good, but lots of background ald207
ald208 7-16-07 9145-I716074 g00101 can see the end of an alpha, but can't tell if its a di-alpha. Terminator perfect ald208
ald209 7-16-07 9145-I716075 ca998 Can see perfect beta ald209
ald210 7-16-07 9145-I716075 g00101 Can see perfect terminator and the link between the alpha subunits, lots of "point mutations" due to a mixed template, will proceed with this ald210
ald211 7-16-07 9145-I716076 ca998 Can see beta perfectly ald211
ald212 7-16-07 9145-I716076 g00101 Term and most of alpha present. "point mutations" due to mixed read, but seems good enough to proceed ald212
ald213 7-17-07 9145-I716084 ca998 Shows promoter ald213
ald214 7-17-07 9145-I716085 ca998 Shows promoter ald214
ald215 7-17-07 9145-I716086 ca998 Shows promoter ald215
ald216 7-17-07 9145-I716071 ca998 Mixed template, but almost perfect ald216
ald217 7-17-07 9145-I716071 g00101 Mixed template, but almost perfect ald217
ald218 7-18-07 9145-I716083 ca998 Wrong, sucka. (I think I overloadded the lane, will do again) ald218
ald219 7-19-07 9145-I716084 1c ca998 Gene is gone?!! ald219
ald220 7-19-07 9145-I716084 1c g00101 Gene is gone?!! ald220
ald221 7-19-07 9145-I716085 1c ca998 Very badly mixed read ald221
ald222 7-19-07 9145-I716085 1c g00101 Very badly mixed read ald222
ald223 7-19-07 9145-I716086 1c ca998 Very badly mixed read ald223
ald224 7-19-07 9145-I716086 1c g00101 Very badly mixed read ald224
ald225 7-23-07 9145-I716083 3 ca998 Perfect ald225
ald226 7-23-07 9145-I716083 4 ca998 Perfect ald226
ald227 7-23-07 9145-I716084 1 ca998 Silent Point Mutation ald227
ald228 7-23-07 9145-I716084 3 ca998 Damn wrong ald228
ald229 7-23-07 9145-I716085 1 ca998 Point mutation! Damn it!! V->A ald229
ald230 7-23-07 9145-I716086 1 ca998 Perfecto! ald230
ald231 7-23-07 9145-I716086 3 ca998 Damn wrong ald231
ald232 7-23-07 9145-I716086 2z ca998 Perfecto! ald232
ald233 7-23-07 9145-I716083 3 g00101 Perfect ald233
ald234 7-23-07 9145-I716083 4 g00101 Perfect ald234
ald235 7-23-07 9145-I716084 1 g00101 Silent point mutation ald235
ald236 7-23-07 9145-I716084 3 g00101 Damn wrong ald236
ald237 7-23-07 9145-I716085 1 g00101 Point mutation! Damn it!! V->A ald237
ald238 7-23-07 9145-I716086 1 g00101 Perfecto! ald238
ald239 7-23-07 9145-I716086 3 g00101 Damn wrong ald239
ald240 7-23-07 9145-I716086 2z g00101 Perfecto! ald240
ald241 7-26-07 9145-I716085 #1 cpcr ca998 Read sucks, can't see link between dialpha, but still may be right if quintarabio got their act together ald241
ald242 7-26-07 9145-I716085 #2 cpcr ca998 Can see link between dialpha and whole beta, looks perfect ald242
ald243 7-26-07 9145-I716085 #1 cpcr g00101 Read sucks, can't see link between dialpha, but still may be right if quintarabio got their act together ald243
ald244 7-26-07 9145-I716085 #2 cpcr g00101 Can see link between dialpha and whole beta, looks perfect ald244
ald245 7-30-07 petDUET-I716091 1 AD0010F Perfect ald245
ald246 7-30-07 petDUET-I716091 1 AD0011F Perfect ald246
ald247 7-30-07 petDUET-I716093 2-1 AD0010F Perfect beta and up to di-alpha linkage ald247
ald248 7-30-07 petDUET-I716094 1-3 AD0010F Perfect ald248
ald249 7-30-07 petDUET-I716094 1-3 AD0011F Perfect ald249
ald250 8-14-07 petDUET-I716351 1 g00101 Shows little bit of cytochrome cassette ald250
ald251 8-14-07 petDUET-I716351 1 ca998 Shows little bit of hem cassette ald251
ald252 8-14-07 petDUET-I716353 2 AD0012F So very wrong (They said they used ca998 and g00101 though...) ald252
ald253 8-14-07 petDUET-I716353 2 AD0012R So very wrong (They said they used ca998 and g00101 though...) ald253
ald254 8-15-07 petDUET-I716092 3 ca998 Wrong bad ald254
ald255 8-15-07 petDUET-I716092 3 g00101 Wrong bad ald255
ald256 8-22-07 petDUET-I716353 #1 AD0016R Can see the beginning of ADHE! But there is a 5 base pair insertion between the rbs and the ORF ald256
ald257 8-22-07 petDUET-I716353 #2 AD0016R Can see the beginning of ADHE! ald257
ald258 8-22-07 9145-I716354 2-1 #2 ca998 Perfect beta ald258
ald259 8-22-07 9145-I716354 2-1 #2 g00101 Perfect alpha ald259
ald260 8-22-07 9145-I716356 1-2 ca998 Perfect beta and beginning of di alpha ald260
ald261 8-22-07 9145-I716356 1-2 g00101 Can see dialpha linkage. Point mutation (that I called earlier) "changed back", silent mutation ald261
ald262 8-22-07 9145-I716357 1-1 ca998 Bad read: Can only see beginning of beta. Looks good though. ald262
ald263 8-22-07 9145-I716357 1-1 g00101 Perfect alpha, can see end of beta ald263
ald264 8-22-07 9145-I716357 2-1 ca998 Questionable point mutation ald264
ald265 8-22-07 9145-I716357 2-1 g00101 Questionable point mutation ald265
ald266 8-22-07 petDUET-I716092 3 AD0010F Beta is there, really bad read though ald266
ald267 8-22-07 petDUET-I716092 3 AD0011R di-alpha is there, very bad read. ald267
ald268 9-7-07 I716366 1 ca998 Perfect ald268
ald269 9-7-07 I716367 1 ca998 Perfect ald269
ald270 9-17-07 I716362 1 g00101 sodc/katg are present ald270
ald271 9-17-07 I716364 1 g00101 sodc/katg are present ald271
ald272 9-21-07 I716368 2 g00101 Cytochromes present ald272
ald273 9-21-07 I716369 2 g00101 Cytochromes present ald273
ald274 9-21-07 T7-HemABCD-TT 3 g00101 Terminator Present ald274
ald275 10-3-07 I716276-277 1 g00101 Wrong, no AHSP ald275
ald276 10-3-07 I716269-TT 1 g00101 Can see TT-SodC-Ending of KatG ald276
ald277 10-3-07 I716378 3 AD0011F Read goes bad too quick, but can see bits and pieces which match to the AHSP in correct position ald277
ald278 10-11-07 I716379 2 g00101 Perfect AHSP addition ald278
ald279 10-11-07 I716376 1 g00101 good ald279
ald280 10-11-07 I716377 3 g00101 good ald280
ald281 10-11-07 I716380+276+277 3 g00101 only metAP addition (only 277) ald281
ald282 10-11-07 I716381+276+277 3 g00101 onlt metAP addition (only 277) ald282
ald283 ald283
ald284 ald284
ald285 ald285
ald286 ald286
ald287 ald287
ald288 ald288
ald289 ald289
ald290 ald290
ald291 ald291
ald292 ald292
ald293 ald293
ald294 ald294
ald295 ald295
ald296 ald296
ald297 ald297
ald298 ald298
ald299 ald299
ald300 ald300
ald301 ald301
ald302 ald302
ald303 ald303
ald304 ald304
ald305 ald305
ald306 ald306
ald307 ald307
ald308 ald308
ald309 ald309
ald310 ald310
ald311 ald311
ald312 ald312
ald313 ald313
ald314 ald314
ald315 ald315
ald316 ald316
ald317 ald317
ald318 ald318
ald319 ald319


SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL0016-6pBca1101-I7162011ca998wrong, nonsense SIL001
SIL0026-6pBca1101-I7162021ca998wrong SIL002
SIL0036-6pBca1101-I7162022ca998wrong SIL003
SIL0046-6pBca1101-I7162031ca998wrong SIL004
SIL0056-6pBca1101-I7162032ca998wrong SIL005
SIL0066-6pBca9145-I7162041ca998perfect SIL006
SIL0076-6pBca9145-I7162042ca998perfect SIL007
SIL0086-6pBca9145-I7162051ca998good SIL008
SIL0096-6pBca9145-I7162052ca998wrong, no terminator SIL009
SIL0106-6pBca9145-I7162061ca998perfect SIL010
SIL0116-6pBca9145-I7162062ca998perfect SIL011
SIL0126-8pBca9145-I7162071ca998perfect SIL012
SIL0136-8pBca9145-I7162072ca998good SIL013
SIL0146-8pBca9145-I7162081ca998perfect SIL014
SIL0156-8pBca9145-I7162082ca998wrong, [lox] only SIL015
SIL0166-9pBca9145-I7162091ca998good but not long enough SIL016
SIL0176-9pBca9145-I7162092ca998good but not long enough SIL017
SIL0186-9pBca9145-I7162101ca998good SIL018
SIL0196-9pBca9145-I7162102ca998perfect SIL019
SIL0206-9pBca9145-I7162111ca998good but not long enough SIL020
SIL0216-9pBca9145-I7162112ca998good but not long enough SIL021
SIL0226-9pBca9145-I7162121ca998nope, still ATG start codon SIL022
SIL0236-9pBca9145-I7162122ca998nope, still ATG start codon SIL023
SIL0246-9pBca9145-I7162131ca998good but not long enough SIL024
SIL0256-9pBca9145-I7162132ca998good but not long enough SIL025

Start 26

SIL0266-11pBca9145-I7162091G01001perfect SIL026
SIL0276-11pBca9145-I7162092G01001perfect SIL027
SIL0286-11pBca9145-I7162111G01001perfect SIL028
SIL0296-11pBca9145-I7162112G010011bp deletion SIL029
SIL0306-11pBca9145-I7162132G01001perfect SIL030
SIL0316-12pBca9145-I7162141ca998bad read SIL031
SIL0326-12pBca9145-I7162142ca998good SIL032
SIL0336-12pBca9145-I7162151ca998bad read SIL033
SIL0346-12pBca9145-I7162152ca998good SIL034
SIL0356-13pBca9145-I7162121ca998bad read SIL035
SIL0366-13pBca9145-I7162122ca998wrong - still ATG start SIL036
SIL0376-15pBca9145-I7162161ca998wrong - cassette only SIL037
SIL0386-15pBca9145-I7162201ca998perfect SIL038
SIL0396-15pBca9145-I7162211ca998perfect SIL039
SIL0406-15pBca9145-I7162221ca998perfect SIL040
SIL0416-15pBca9145-I7162231ca998wrong - missing cassette SIL041
SIL0426-19pBca9145-I7162121ca998good SIL042
SIL0436-19pBca9145-I7162162ca998perfect! finally! SIL043
SIL0446-20pBca9145-I7162162ca998bad read SIL044
SIL0456-20pBca9145-I7162163ca998bad read - only Cre though SIL045
SIL0466-20pBca9145-I7162171ca998bad read - only Cre though SIL046
SIL0476-20pBca9145-I7162172ca998weird - missing a lox site SIL047
SIL0486-20pBca9145-I7162181ca998messy but should be right SIL048
SIL0496-20pBca9145-I7162182ca998perfect SIL049
SIL0506-20pBca9145-I7162191ca998perfect SIL050

Start 51

SIL0516-20pBca9145-I7162192ca998perfect SIL051
SIL0526-20pBca9145-I7162222ca998wrong SIL052
SIL0536-20pBca9145-I7162223ca998perfect SIL053
SIL0546-20pBca9145-I7162231ca998BAD! previously thought to be good SIL054
SIL0556-20pBca9145-I7162234ca998perfect SIL055
SIL0566-26pBca9145-I716216R1ca998no ceaB SIL056
SIL0576-26pBca9145-I716217R4ca998no ceaB SIL057
SIL0586-26pBca9145-I716217R5ca998no ceaB SIL058
SIL0596-26pBca9145-I7162241ca998perfect SIL059
SIL0606-26pBca9145-I7162252ca998perfect SIL060
SIL0616-26pBca9145-I7162263ca998perfect SIL061
SIL0627-02pBca9145-I716216ddbs4ca998possible point mutatiion SIL062
SIL0637-02pBca9145-I716217dbbs3ca998perfect SIL063
SIL0647-11pBca9145-I7164011ca998still has CamR -no pbad SIL064
SIL0657-11pBca9145-I7164021ca998perfect SIL065
SIL0667-11pBca9145-I7164031ca998perfect SIL066
SIL0677-11pBca9145-I7164041ca998perfect SIL067
SIL0687-11pBca9145-I7164051ca998perfect SIL068
SIL0697-11pBca9145-I7164061ca998looks good - but mixed template SIL069
SIL0707-11pBca9145-I7164071ca998badly mixed template SIL070
SIL0717-11pBca9145-I7164081ca998good SIL071
SIL0727-11pBca9145-I7164091ca998badly mixed template SIL072
SIL0737-11pBca9145-I7164101ca998still has CamR - no pBad SIL073
SIL0747-11pBca9145-I7164111ca998perfect SIL074
SIL0757-11pBca9145-I7164121ca998perfect SIL075

Start 76

SIL0767-11pBca9145-I7164131ca998good SIL076
SIL0777-11pBca9145-I7164141ca998good SIL077
SIL0787-11pBca9145-I7164151ca998looks good, but a little mixed read SIL078
SIL0797-17pBca9145-I7164012ca998perfect SIL079
SIL0807-17pBca9145-I7164072ca998perfect SIL080
SIL0817-17pBca9145-I7164092ca998mixed-can see part of pbad SIL081
SIL0827-17pBca9145-I7164102ca998perfect SIL082
SIL0837-17pBca9145-I7164161ca998CamR instead of pbad SIL083
SIL0847-17pBca9145-I7164171ca998good SIL084
SIL0857-17pBca9145-I7164181ca998CamR instead of pbad SIL085
SIL0867-17pBca9145-I7164191ca998CamR instead of pbad SIL086
SIL0877-17pBca9145-I7164201ca998mixed template - no match SIL087
SIL0887-17pBca9145-I7164211ca998CamR instead of pbad SIL088
SIL0897-17pBca9145-I7164221ca998perfect SIL089
SIL0907-17pBca9145-I7164224ca998perfect SIL090
SIL0917-17pBca9145-I7164231ca998perfect SIL091
SIL0927-17pBca9145-I7164233ca998perfect SIL092
SIL0937-20pBca9145-I716408C1ca998recombination SIL093
SIL0947-20pBca9145-I716408E1ca998recombination SIL094
SIL0957-20pBca9145-I716408C1G01001recombination SIL095
SIL0967-20pBca9145-I716408E1G01001recombination SIL096
SIL0977-26pBca1101-I7164362ca998weak signal SIL097
SIL0987-26pBca1101-I7164364ca998perfect SIL098
SIL0997-26pBca9145-I7164371ca998perfect SIL099
SIL1007-26pBca9145-I7164372ca998perfect SIL100

Start 101

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL1017-31Bca1101-I7164381ca998only TT SIL101
SIL1027-31Bca9145-I7164391ca998only TT SIL102
SIL1037-31Bca9145-I7164392ca998wrong SIL103
SIL1047-31Bca9145-I7164401ca998good but need G01001 too SIL104
SIL1057-31Bca9145-I7164411ca56perfect SIL105
SIL1067-31Bca9145-I7164412ca56perfect SIL106
SIL1078-3Bca1101-I7164381ca998good-needs reverse SIL107
SIL1088-3Bca1101-I7164384ca998good-needs reverse SIL108
SIL1098-3Bca9145-I7164391ca998good-needs reverse SIL109
SIL1108-3Bca9145-I7164393ca998good-needs reverse SIL110
SIL1118-3Bca9145-I7164422ca56perfect SIL111
SIL1128-3Bca9145-I7164423ca56perfect SIL112
SIL1138-7Bca9145-I7164432G01001no TT SIL113
SIL1148-7Bca9145-I7164433G01001no TT SIL114
SIL1158-7Bca9145-I7164442G01001no TT SIL115
SIL1168-7Bca9145-I7164444G01001no TT SIL116
SIL1178-7Bca9145-I7164381G01001no TT SIL117
SIL1188-7Bca9145-I7164384G01001no TT SIL118
SIL1198-7Bca9145-I7164391G01001no TT SIL119
SIL1208-7Bca9145-I7164393G01001no TT SIL120
SIL1218-7Bca9145-I7164491ca56perfect SIL121
SIL1228-7Bca9145-I7164492ca56perfect SIL122
SIL1238-7Bca9145-I7164501ca56perfect SIL123
SIL1248-7Bca9145-I7164502ca56perfect SIL124
SIL1258-7Bca9145-I7164551ca56??? SIL125

Start 126

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL1268-7Bca9145-I7164561ca56??? SIL126
SIL1278-7Bca9145-I7164571ca56??? SIL127
SIL1288-7Bca9145-I7164581ca56??? SIL128
SIL1298-14Bca9145-I7164381G01001perfect SIL129
SIL1308-14Bca9145-I7164383G01001perfect SIL130
SIL1318-14Bca9145-I7164391G01001perfect SIL131
SIL1328-14Bca9145-I7164392G01001perfect SIL132
SIL1338-20Bca9145-Bca11491ca998perfect SIL133
SIL1348-20Bca9145-Bca11492ca998perfect SIL134
SIL1358-20Bca9145-I7164451ca998only lox site SIL135
SIL1368-20Bca9145-I7164452ca998only lox site SIL136
SIL1378-20Bca9145-I7164461ca998only lox site SIL137
SIL1388-20Bca9145-I7164462ca998only lox site SIL138
SIL1398-20Bca9145-I7164653ca998bad read SIL139
SIL1408-20Bca9145-I7164654ca998bad read SIL140
SIL1418-20Bca9145-I7164663ca998completely wrong SIL141
SIL1428-20Bca9145-I7164664ca998completely wrong SIL142
SIL1438-20Bca9145-I7164431G01001perfect SIL143
SIL1448-20Bca9145-I7164432G01001perfect SIL144
SIL1458-20Bca9145-I7164441G01001perfect SIL145
SIL1468-20Bca9145-I7164442G01001perfect SIL146
SIL1479-2Bca9145-I7164452ca998wrong SIL147
SIL1489-2Bca9145-I7164453ca998wrong SIL148
SIL1499-2Bca9145-I7164462ca998wrong SIL149
SIL1509-2Bca9145-I7164463ca998wrong SIL150

Start 151

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL1519-10-07pBca9145-I7164453ca998lox only SIL151
SIL1529-10-07pBca9145-I7164454ca998lox only SIL152
SIL1539-10-07pBca9145-I7164455ca998lox only SIL153
SIL1549-10-07pBca9145-I7164461ca998lox only SIL154
SIL1559-10-07pBca9145-I7164463ca998lox only SIL155
SIL1569-10-07pBca9145-I7164465ca998lox only SIL156
SIL1579-21pBca1101-I7164761ca998good SIL157
SIL1589-21pBca1101-I7164762ca998good SIL158
SIL1599-21pBca1101-I7164763ca998good SIL159
SIL1609-21pBca1101-I7164771ca998good SIL160
SIL1619-21pBca1101-I7164772ca998good SIL161
SIL1629-21pBca1101-I7164773ca998good SIL162
SIL1639-21pBca9145-I7164781ca998no ceab SIL163
SIL1649-21pBca9145-I7164782ca998no ceab SIL164
SIL1659-21pBca9145-I7164783ca998no ceab SIL165
SIL1669-21pBca9145-I7164791ca998good SIL166
SIL1679-21pBca9145-I7164792ca998good SIL167
SIL1689-21pBca9145-I7164793ca998good SIL168
SIL1699-21pBca9145-I7164801ca998good SIL169
SIL1709-21pBca9145-I7164802ca998good SIL170
SIL1719-21pBca9145-I7164803ca998good SIL171
SIL1729-21pBca9145-I7164811ca998only BglII SIL172
SIL1739-21pBca9145-I7164812ca998only BglII SIL173
SIL1749-21pBca9145-I7164813ca998only BglII SIL174
SIL17510-02pBca9145-I7164511ca56good SIL175

Start 176

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL17610-2pBca9145-I7164521ca56good SIL176
SIL17710-2pBca9145-I7164531ca56no barnase SIL177
SIL17810-2pBca9145-I7164541ca56good SIL178
SIL17910-2pBca9145-I7164611ca56good SIL179
SIL18010-2pBca9145-I7164621ca56good SIL180
SIL18110-2pBca9145-I7164631ca56good SIL181
SIL18210-2pBca9145-I7164641ca56good SIL182
SIL183??????????????? SIL183
SIL184??????????????? SIL184
SIL185??????????????? SIL185
SIL186??????????????? SIL186
SIL187??????????????? SIL187
SIL188??????????????? SIL188
SIL189??????????????? SIL189
SIL190??????????????? SIL190
SIL191??????????????? SIL191
SIL192??????????????? SIL192
SIL193??????????????? SIL193
SIL194??????????????? SIL194
SIL195??????????????? SIL195
SIL196??????????????? SIL196
SIL197??????????????? SIL197
SIL198??????????????? SIL198
SIL199??????????????? SIL199
SIL200??????????????? SIL200

Start 201

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL201??????????????? SIL201
SIL202??????????????? SIL202
SIL203??????????????? SIL203
SIL204??????????????? SIL204
SIL205??????????????? SIL205
SIL206??????????????? SIL206
SIL207??????????????? SIL207
SIL208??????????????? SIL208
SIL209??????????????? SIL209
SIL210??????????????? SIL210
SIL211??????????????? SIL211
SIL212??????????????? SIL212
SIL213??????????????? SIL213
SIL214??????????????? SIL214
SIL215??????????????? SIL215
SIL216??????????????? SIL216
SIL217??????????????? SIL217
SIL218??????????????? SIL218
SIL219??????????????? SIL219
SIL220??????????????? SIL220
SIL221??????????????? SIL221
SIL222??????????????? SIL222
SIL223??????????????? SIL223
SIL224??????????????? SIL224
SIL225??????????????? SIL225

Start 226

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL226??????????????? SIL226
SIL227??????????????? SIL227
SIL228??????????????? SIL228
SIL229??????????????? SIL229
SIL230??????????????? SIL230
SIL231??????????????? SIL231
SIL232??????????????? SIL232
SIL233??????????????? SIL233
SIL234??????????????? SIL234
SIL235??????????????? SIL235
SIL236??????????????? SIL236
SIL237??????????????? SIL237
SIL238??????????????? SIL238
SIL239??????????????? SIL239
SIL240??????????????? SIL240
SIL241??????????????? SIL241
SIL242??????????????? SIL242
SIL243??????????????? SIL243
SIL244??????????????? SIL244
SIL245??????????????? SIL245
SIL246??????????????? SIL246
SIL247??????????????? SIL247
SIL248??????????????? SIL248
SIL249??????????????? SIL249
SIL250??????????????? SIL250

Start 251

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL251??????????????? SIL201
SIL252??????????????? SIL202
SIL253??????????????? SIL203
SIL254??????????????? SIL204
SIL255??????????????? SIL205
SIL256??????????????? SIL206
SIL257??????????????? SIL207
SIL258??????????????? SIL208
SIL259??????????????? SIL209
SIL260??????????????? SIL210
SIL261??????????????? SIL211
SIL262??????????????? SIL212
SIL263??????????????? SIL213
SIL264??????????????? SIL214
SIL265??????????????? SIL215
SIL266??????????????? SIL216
SIL267??????????????? SIL217
SIL268??????????????? SIL218
SIL269??????????????? SIL219
SIL270??????????????? SIL220
SIL271??????????????? SIL221
SIL272??????????????? SIL222
SIL273??????????????? SIL223
SIL274??????????????? SIL224
SIL275??????????????? SIL225

Start 276

SampleDate (2007)PlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
SIL276??????????????? SIL276
SIL277??????????????? SIL277
SIL278??????????????? SIL278
SIL279??????????????? SIL279
SIL280??????????????? SIL280
SIL281??????????????? SIL281
SIL282??????????????? SIL282
SIL283??????????????? SIL283
SIL284??????????????? SIL284
SIL285??????????????? SIL285
SIL286??????????????? SIL286
SIL287??????????????? SIL287
SIL288??????????????? SIL288
SIL289??????????????? SIL289
SIL290??????????????? SIL290
SIL291??????????????? SIL291
SIL292??????????????? SIL292
SIL293??????????????? SIL293
SIL294??????????????? SIL294
SIL295??????????????? SIL295
SIL296??????????????? SIL296
SIL297??????????????? SIL297
SIL298??????????????? SIL298
SIL299??????????????? SIL299
SIL300??????????????? SIL300


SampleDatePlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
VU00106/11/07I716252#1ca998??? VU001
VU00206/11/07I716252#2ca998perfect VU002
VU00306/11/07I716254#1ca998ambiguous - sent for reverse sequencing VU003
VU00406/11/07I716254#2ca998wrong VU004
VU00506/12/07I716254#1G00101??? VU005
VU00606/26/07I716255#1ca998perfect VU006
VU00706/26/07I716255#2ca998perfect VU007
VU00806/26/07I716256#1ca998wrong VU008
VU00906/26/07I716256#2ca998wrong VU009
VU01006/26/07I716257#1ca998perfect VU010
VU01106/26/07I716257#2ca998perfect VU011
VU01206/27/07???#1ca998wrong VU012
VU01306/27/07???#2ca998wrong VU013
VU01406/29/07???????????? VU014
VU01506/29/07???????????? VU015
VU016??????????????? VU016
VU017??????????????? VU017
VU018??????????????? VU018
VU019??????????????? VU019
VU020??????????????? VU020
VU021??????????????? VU021
VU022??????????????? VU022
VU023??????????????? VU023
VU024??????????????? VU024
VU025??????????????? VU025

Start 26

VU026??????????????? VU026
VU027??????????????? VU027
VU028??????????????? VU028
VU029??????????????? VU029
VU030??????????????? VU030
VU031??????????????? VU031
VU032??????????????? VU032
VU033??????????????? VU033
VU034??????????????? VU034
VU035??????????????? VU035
VU036??????????????? VU036
VU037??????????????? VU037
VU038??????????????? VU038
VU039??????????????? VU039
VU040??????????????? VU040
VU041??????????????? VU041
VU042??????????????? VU042
VU043??????????????? VU043
VU044??????????????? VU044
VU045??????????????? VU045
VU046??????????????? VU046
VU047??????????????? VU047
VU048??????????????? VU048
VU049??????????????? VU049
VU050??????????????? VU050


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Standard Primers
F = ca998
R = G00101

All Plasmid Numbers are I716...

DT00106/14/071021FGarbled Sequence DT001
DT00206/14/071022FGarbled Sequence DT002
DT00306/14/071041FSample Mixup DT003
DT00406/14/071042FGenomic DNA Framgent DT004
DT00506/14/071051FPerfect! DT005
DT00606/14/071052FRFP Parent Recombination A DT006
DT00706/14/071061FPerfect! DT007
DT00806/14/071062FRFP Parent Recombination A DT008
DT00906/14/071071FRFP Parent Recombination A DT009
DT01006/14/071072FPerfect! DT010
DT01106/15/071021FPrimer Dimer DT011
DT01206/15/071022FPrimer Dimer DT012
DT01306/15/071041FSample Mixup DT013
DT01406/15/071042FGenomic DNA Framgent DT014
DT01506/15/071051FPerfect! DT015
DT01606/15/071061FPerfect! DT016
DT01706/15/071072FPerfect! DT017
DT01806/19/071032FGenomic DNA Framgent DT018
DT01906/19/071034FGenomic DNA Framgent DT019
DT02006/26/071021FProbably Correct (Read quality at end is low) DT020
DT02106/26/071022FRight Gene - Too many mutations DT021
DT02206/26/071023FRight Gene - Too many mutations DT022
DT02306/26/071024FProbably Correct (Read quality at end is low) DT023
DT02406/27/071024RCorrect! (With mutations from template) DT024
DT02507/02/071032FProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT025
DT02607/02/071034FProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT026
DT02707/02/071042FProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT027
DT02807/02/071043FProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT028
DT02907/03/071032RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT029
DT03007/03/071034RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT030
DT03107/03/071042RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT031
DT03207/03/071043RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT032
DT03307/10/07105M-1FPerfect! DT033
DT03407/10/07105M-2FPerfect! DT034
DT03507/13/071033FProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT035
DT03607/13/071034FCorrect, except for 1 mutation DT036
DT03707/13/071041FProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT037
DT03807/13/071042FProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT038
DT03907/16/071033RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT039
DT04007/16/071034RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT040
DT04107/16/071041RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT041
DT04207/16/071042RProbably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT042
DT04307/17/071033dt011-T7-seq1Probably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT043
DT04407/17/071041dt011-T7-seq1Probably Correct (Gene is much longer than read) DT044
DT04507/24/071033dt012-T7-seq2Correct, except for 1 mutation DT045
DT04607/24/071041dt012-T7-seq2Correct! DT046
DT04707/24/071091ca1111FCorrect! DT047
DT04807/24/071092ca1111FCorrect! DT048
DT04907/24/071093ca1111FCorrect! DT049
DT05007/24/071094ca1111FCorrect! DT050
DT05107/30/07115D4ca570FCorrect, has 1106H RBS (Used PCR) DT051
DT05207/31/07116(101)2F,dt003-pir-IRTruncation Recombination (only ca998 worked) DT052
DT05308/03/071161FTruncation Recombination DT053
DT05408/03/071162FTruncation Recombination DT054
DT05508/03/071163FTruncation Recombination DT055
DT05608/03/071164FTruncation Recombination DT056
DT05708/06/071171ca570FCorrect! DT057
DT05808/06/071172ca570FCorrect! DT058
DT05908/06/071173ca570FCorrect! DT059
DT06008/06/071174ca570FCorrect! DT060
DT06108/13/071181RCorrect! DT061
DT06208/13/071182RAppears Correct, but signal is too low DT062
DT06308/18/071191FCorrect! DT063


SampleDatePlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
KD0016/12/07pBca9145-I716153hemB2ca998Ok, maybe short KD001
KD0026/12/07pBca9145-I716153hemB4ca998Good, need to reverse sequence to get last 400bp KD002
KD0036/12/07pBca9145-I716155hemD2ca998Too short KD003
KD0046/12/07pBca9145-I716155hemD4ca998Good, need to reverse sequence to get last 200bp KD004
KD0056/13/07pBca9145-I716153hemB4G101001Good, after reverse complementing, the first 100bp are off, but this part of the sequence is confirmed by KD002 KD005
KD0066/13/07pBca9145-I716155hemD4G101001Good, after reverse complementing, the first 100bp are off, but this part of the sequence is confirmed by KD004 KD006
KD0076/14/07pBca9145-I716151hemA3ca998Not good, lots of mutations KD007
KD0086/14/07pBca9145-I716151hemA3G01001Not good, lots of mutations KD008
KD0096/14/07pBca9145-I716154hemC1ca998Good KD009
KD0106/14/07pBca9145-I716154hemC1G01001Good KD010
KD0116/15/07pBca9145-I716151hemA2ca998GC-->CG, but in both hemA3 and hemA2 clones. Chris says we cloned a different template from one in pubmed and to proceed KD011
KD0126/15/07pBca9145-I716151hemA2G01001Good KD012
KD0136/15/07pBca9145-I716154hemC2ca998Good, need reverse sequence KD013
KD0146/15/07pBca9145-I716154hemC2G01001Good KD014
KD0156/20/07pBca9145-I716152hemAC1ca998Not good, some mutations KD015
KD01620|07pBca9145-I716152hemAC1G01001Ok, but forward has mutations KD016
KD0176/20/07pBca9145-I716152hemAC2ca998Good, need reverse sequence KD017
KD0186/20/07pBca9145-I716152hemAC2ca998Good, need reverse sequence KD018
KD0196/21/07pBca9145-I716152hemAC2G01001Good KD019
KD0206/26/07pBca9145-I7161611106A+hemA1ca998Good KD020
KD0216/26/07pBca9145-I7161621106A+hemAC2ca998Good KD021
KD0226/26/07pBca9145-I7161631106A+hemB2ca998Good KD022
KD0236/26/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC2ca998No sequence, possibly problem with miniprep KD023
KD0246/26/07pBca9145-I7161651106A+hemD2ca998Good KD024
KD0257/5/07pBca9145-I716167ShemAC+hemB1ca998Good KD025

Start 26

KD0267/5/07pBca9145-I716167ShemAC+hemB1G01001Good KD026
KD0277/5/07pBca9145-I716167ShemAC+ShemB2ca998Good KD027
KD0287/5/07pBca9145-I716167ShemAC+ShemB2G01001Good KD028
KD0297/8/07pBca9145-I716166ShemA+ShemB1ca998Bad, only has single RBS 1106A+hemA, no hemB KD029
KD0307/8/07pBca9145-I716166ShemA+ShemB1G01001Bad, only has single RBS 1106A+hemA, no hemB KD030
KD0317/12/07pBca9145-I716166ShemA+ShemB4ca998Good KD031
KD0327/12/07pBca9145-I716166ShemA+ShemB4G01001Good KD032
KD0337/12/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC3ca998RBS then some random sequence KD033
KD0347/12/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC4ca998RBS then some random sequence KD034
KD0357/24/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC1ca998No ca998 binding site KD035
KD0367/24/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC2ca998No ca 998 binding site KD036
KD0377/24/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC3ca998RBS then some random sequence KD037
KD0387/24/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC4ca998Random sequence KD038
KD0398/1/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC1ca998No ca998 binding site KD039
KD0408/1/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC2ca998RBS, then some random sequence KD040
KD0418/1/07pBca9145-I7161641106A+hemC3ca998No ca998 binding site KD041
KD042??????????????? KD042
KD043??????????????? KD043
KD044??????????????? KD044
KD045??????????????? KD045
KD046??????????????? KD046
KD047??????????????? KD047
KD048??????????????? KD048
KD049??????????????? KD049
KD050??????????????? KD050


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SampleDatePlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
AY001060407 pBca9145-Bca1145#1ca998Probably good. Long, ambiguous long AAAAAAA. AY001
AY002060407 pBca9145-Bca1145#2ca998Good. AY002
AY003061207pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716253)A1ca998super wrong. Seems like only half of HPI/katG, from the AY004.Sal.katG.HPI-Fx "mutate GAT>GAC (BglII)" til the end, was cloned. AY003
AY004061207pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716253)A3ca998generally OK. There is one extra G at 584 in the goal plasmid in the calls file. There is low confidence, but I am not sure what to make of it. Possibly should send for recheck at this point; may be necessary to check the mutation point @1308, and the end portion as well. But based on the miniprep digest run yesterday, this guy has a high chance of being the right one. DECISION: sent as AY007 with G01001 for a reverse check. AY004
AY005061207pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716253)A4ca998crazy :( there are big gaps AY005
AY006061207pBca9145-wbbL (I716000)B1ca998also crazy AY006
AY007061307pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716???)A3G01001Looks good actually, only notable thing is silent point mutation @ 1782 TCG > TCA still S. but the mutation point was just missed by sequencing. I don't think it's necessary to recheck; i have faith the primers worked right. well.. idk. major concern still is the possible addition mutation of a G AY007
AY008061307pBca9145-neuS (I716001)C1ca998Forward. Looks great! AY008
AY009061307pBca9145-neuS (I716001)C1G01001Reverse. Looks great! AY009
AY010061407I716002 (pBca9145-yfbE_promote)D1ca998Perfect promoter cloned region. @ 443 there is a deletion of ttgcag. Point mutation @631, T > C AY010
AY011061407I716002 (pBca9145-yfbE_promote)D1G01001Mixed DNA tube (contamination) AY011
AY012061407I716002 (pBca9145-yfbE_promote)D4ca998Perfect promoter cloned region. @ 443 there is a deletion of ttgcag. Point mutation @631, T > C. @640 addition of a C AY012
AY013061407I716002 (pBca9145-yfbE_promote)D4G01001Mixed DNA tube (contamination) AY013
AY014061507I716000 (pBca9145-wbbL)E1ca998long stretch of t's at 696, sequencing got an extra one. Likely read error. Missing a T @ 812, but read quality is low here. Lack of agttgca right after insert?? maybe not?? AY014
AY015061507I716000 (pBca9145-wbbL)E2ca998long stretch of t's at 696, sequencing got an extra one. Likely read error. Missing a T at 801. Lack of agttgca right after insert?? maybe not?? AY015
AY016061807I716000 (pBca9145-wbbL)E1G01001good AY016
AY017061807I716000 (pBca9145-wbbL)E2G01001good AY017
AY018061807I716253 (pBca9145-HPI/katG)A3ay007good AY018
AY019062107I716006 (pBca9145-Bca9203 B5red)G1ca998fail, mixed sample?? I believe it's quintara's fault AY019
AY020062107I716006 (pBca9145-Bca9203 B5red)G3ca998fail, mixed sample?? I believe it's quintara's fault AY020
AY021062507I716006 (pBca9145-Bca9203 B5red)G1ca998looks good AY021
AY022062507I716006 (pBca9145-Bca9203 B5red)H3ca998looks good AY022
AY023062507I716005 (pBca9145-Bca9229 cytoB5)H3ca998looks good AY023
AY024062507I716005 (pBca9145-Bca9229 cytoB5)H4ca998looks good AY024
AY025062807I716002 (pBca9145-yfbE_promote)IBca998our proprietary yfbE was cloned successfully AY025

Start 26

AY026062807I716002 (pBca9145-yfbE_promote)IDca998our proprietary yfbE was cloned successfully AY026
AY027070507I716008 (Ptet-rbs-wbbL-rbs-neuS)J1ca998wbbL or neuS not cloned. only Ptet. AY027
AY028070507I716008 (Ptet-rbs-wbbL-rbs-neuS)J2ca998wbbL or neuS not cloned. only Ptet. AY028
AY029070507I716008 (Ptet-rbs-wbbL-rbs-neuS)J3ca998Ptet and wbbL were successfully cloned. neuS, unsure. Possibly neuS is gone since there could be a BamHI site right after wbbL in sequence file. AY029
AY030071107I716012 (101-008)1ca998Could not amplify AY030
AY031071107I716012 (101-008)2ca998Could not amplify AY031
AY032071207I716013 (pBca9145-yfbE-rbs-ATG)1ca998V>A right after BglII site. Amino acid change is bad. AY032
AY033071207I716013 (pBca9145-yfbE-rbs-ATG)3ca998Perfection AY033
AY034071207I716014 (pBca9145-yfbE_solo)1ca998Perfection AY034
AY035071207I716014 (pBca9145-yfbE_solo)2ca998Perfection AY035
AY036071207I716014 (pBca9145-yfbE_solo)3ca998Perfection AY036
AY037071307I716015 (RFP no ATG)1ca998Perfection AY037
AY038071307I716015 (RFP no ATG)2ca998Perfection AY038
AY039071307I716015 (RFP no ATG)3ca998Perfection AY039
AY040071307I716008 Ptet-wbbL-neuSlibca998really weird I think it's missing half of Ptet AY040
AY041071707I716008 Ptet-wbbL-neuSlibca998really weird I think it's missing half of Ptet AGAIN - but the sequencing is extremely mixed. AY041
AY042071907I716019 (t7-rbs-cytB5-rbs-cytB5red-dblterm)libca998T7 promoter, CytB5 and the first part of CytB5Red cloned successfully. 591 it is ambiguous if the base is right or not (CytB5Red) but data from Austin's I716011 sequence suggests that it is good. AY042
AY043071907I716019 (t7-rbs-cytB5-rbs-cytB5red-dblterm)libG01001dblTerm and the rest of CytB5Red was cloned successfully. AY043
AY044072307I716008R1ca998half of ptet missing AY044
AY045072307I716008R2ca998half of ptet missing AY045
AY046072307I716008R3ca998half of ptet missing AY046
AY047072307I716008R4ca998Ptet intact. RBS appears garbled but it's because N's were not placed in the I716008 for the library. Need to map to check for neuS. AY047
AY048072307I716008R5ca998wtf is this lol AY048
AY049072307I716008R6ca998half of ptet is missing AY049
AY050072307I716008R7ca998wtf is this AY050

Start 51

AY051072307I716008R8ca998half ptet missing AY051
AY052072307I716008r9ca998wtf AY052
AY053072607I716012 ca998M.I.A. AY053
AY054080607I716026V1ca998Great AY054
AY055080607I716026V2ca998Great AY055
AY056080607I716026V3ca998A -> G at position 136 in the sequence file AY056
AY057080607I716028W1ca998T->C @ 269, G->T @ 539 AY057
AY058080607I716028W2ca998deletions and stuff, whoa AY058
AY059080607I716028W3ca998Great AY059
AY060080607I716029X1ca998Great AY060
AY061080607I716029X2ca998A->G @ 531 AY061
AY062080607I716029X3ca998Great AY062
AY063080707I716024 VHb basic part1ca998Great AY063
AY064080707I716024 VHb basic part2ca998restriction sites in front are funny AY064
AY065080707I716024 VHb basic part3ca998Great AY065
AY066081407I716033 (ptet-wbbL-neuS)(F-CmR-F)1ca998lol AY066
AY067081407I716033 (ptet-wbbL-neuS)(F-CmR-F)2ca998lol AY067
AY068081407I716033 (ptet-wbbL-neuS)(F-CmR-F)3ca998lol AY068
AY069081407I716033 (ptet-wbbL-neuS)(F-CmR-F)4ca998lol AY069


SampleDatePlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
RB001??????????????? RB001
RB002??????????????? RB002
RB003??????????????? RB003
RB004??????????????? RB004
RB005??????????????? RB005
RB006??????????????? RB006
RB007??????????????? RB007
RB008??????????????? RB008
RB009??????????????? RB009
RB010??????????????? RB010
RB011??????????????? RB011
RB012??????????????? RB012
RB013??????????????? RB013
RB014??????????????? RB014
RB015??????????????? RB015
RB016??????????????? RB016
RB017??????????????? RB017
RB018??????????????? RB018
RB019??????????????? RB019
RB020??????????????? RB020
RB021??????????????? RB021
RB022??????????????? RB022
RB023??????????????? RB023
RB024??????????????? RB024
RB025??????????????? RB025

Start 26

RB026??????????????? RB026
RB027??????????????? RB027
RB028??????????????? RB028
RB029??????????????? RB029
RB030??????????????? RB030
RB031??????????????? RB031
RB032??????????????? RB032
RB033??????????????? RB033
RB034??????????????? RB034
RB035??????????????? RB035
RB036??????????????? RB036
RB037??????????????? RB037
RB038??????????????? RB038
RB039??????????????? RB039
RB040??????????????? RB040
RB041??????????????? RB041
RB042??????????????? RB042
RB043??????????????? RB043
RB044??????????????? RB044
RB045??????????????? RB045
RB046??????????????? RB046
RB047??????????????? RB047
RB048??????????????? RB048
RB049??????????????? RB049
RB050??????????????? RB050



SampleDatePlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
HC00106/30/07 pBca9145-Bca1144#1ca998Pretty good. Missing EcoRI site but insert was in there. HC001
HC00206/30/07 pBca9145-Bca1144#2ca998Pretty much the same result as number 1. HC002
HC00306/30/07pBca9145-Bca1144#3ca998Really good had all restriction sites in it. HC003
HC0046/30/07Unknown#1Ca056Really good matched 99% with sperm whale myoglobin on BLAST HC04
HC057/13/07pBca9145-Bca1144#2Ca998Good both restriction sites were removed HC05
HC067/13/07pBca9145-Bca1144#4Ca998Perfect matched my expected sequence HC06
HC077/13/07pBca9145-Bca1144#7Ca998Mutations were present not usable HC07
HC087/13/07pBca9145-Bca1144#8Ca998Same mutations were present not usable HC08
HC097/18/07pBca9145-Bca1144#1Ca998Perfect matched the composite part construct HC09
HC0107/18/07pBca9145-Bca1144#9Ca998Great matched expected Myoglobin TT construct HC010
HC0117/25/07pBca9145-Bca1144#3Ca998Great matched the construct really well no XhoI site HC011
HC0128/8/07pBca9145-Bca1144#1Ca998Perfect 100% match HC012
HC013??????????????? HC013
HC014??????????????? HC014
HC015??????????????? HC015
HC016??????????????? HC016
HC017??????????????? HC017
HC018??????????????? HC018