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Team UNIBO Cesena Campus IGEM2007

                                        Bollo UNIBO.png

Hi everybody! We are the Bologna University Team; this is our first time in iGEM and we are very excited about it!

Our Team Roster is composed by Instructors Silvio Cavalcanti, Francesca Ceroni and Sara Montagna, Student Members Francesco Pasqualini, Guido Costa and Alice Pasini and Advisors Emanuele Giordano and Marco Tartagni.

The Team's project consists of a Genetic Schmitt Trigger, a comparator circuit with an incorporated positive feedback. The main feature of this kind of circuit is the so called hysteresis, which is obtained through a dual threshold action: being TH and TL the two thresholds, if input is higher than TH, output is at an high level; in case of input being lower than TL, output results low. Instead, when input is between TH and TL, output retains its value.

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