Bologna University/Fluorescence reliance on Promoter and Medium


Fluorescence reliance on Promoter and Medium

We test bacteria with three different plasmids, I763004, I763035 and I763011, each of them into two different mediums, LB and M9, to evaluate the dependence of the output fluorescence intensity on both the promoter and the medium. The experimental setup conditions are the same for each test, and the OD value is mantained at 1.2. We take pictures from two spots on each of the five slides we prepare; then, we calculate the mean value for each slide and finally the mean and the standard deviation on these values. Here are the results:

I763004 102.9 ± 13.4 123.2 ± 13.1
I763035 106.6 ± 6.0 138.1 ± 7.7
I763011 71.6 ± 12.3 81.3 ± 13.9

For complete results, see here.