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We use bacteria with I763004 plasmid, since we know all of them beam fluorescence also when not inducted; we check that the OD value is 1.2. We then execute two different observations:

  • ten different spots within the same slide (test A);
  • five slides, and two spots each (10 total spots, test B).

For every spot, we take a picture and we elaborate it using the algorithm above, obtaining as output a normalized intensity value. Finally, for each of the two sets of values, we calculate mean and standard deviation; for the B test, we calculate both values either on the 10 intensities indistinctly (B1) and on the five slide means (B2). Here are the results:

97.6 ± 17.6
96.1 ± 18.8
96.1 ± 19.1

For complete results, see here.

As we expected, the two mean values are close to each other, being the different spots from the same solution.