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.:: ETH Zurich - EducatETH E. coli ::.

.:: Task List ::.

The things to do, from the most pressing (timewise), to the least pressing (timewise) is below. Please put your name next to the task that you believe that you can undertake.

  1. Team descriptions (overdue) and team photograph
    Christian: I guess I am the only semiprofessional photographer of the group. I can do some group pictures etc. but for this we need some ideas... - I would like to do something special. I also made the group-pics of the Synth. Biology 3.0 conference. Some references  ;-)  : [1]
    Raphael: What about a short movie of us?
  2. Team rosters due (1.9.)
    Martin: Does somebody know, what exactly should be done here?
    Nan: A list of team members, including some basic personal info.? (e.g. nationality, background, pet peeves...? )
    Katerina: Guys, to make this easier, either write things about you on your personal page on the wiki or link to a page about you. This way it'll be easy to put it all together afterwards.
  3. Labwork (parts have to be at the registry in Boston on 26.10.)
    Joe: I can be in the lab at least 2 evenings a week and some times through the weekdays.
    Martin: From Monday I can work every day for the whole day. At the moment I only work for several hours...
    Rico: I have my exam on Tuesday. Afterwards I can assist.
    Christian: I can do the introduction of the polylinker into the vectors beside my normal labwork on the Hoenggerberg. I could also do the whole biobrick assembly if you want this (I will go on holiday from the 5.10-24.10.07)
    Raphael: That's the part where I will mainly contribute, from 14.09. on I can work several days/week
    Christos: I can assist at the afternoons, if needed.
    Katerina: 7.09 - 30.09 generally plenty of time, apart from when I do my semester project presentation, will keep you posted when that is.
    Sylke: I'll not be available until 14th of October but from then on I can work several days per week fulltime.
  4. Testing/ Analysis/ Detection (due to 02.11.)
    Sylke: Meeting with Alfredo Franco-Obregon (FACS guy from center) on 18.09. concerning devices available for detection of GFP/ derivatives.
  5. Simulation and sensitivity analysis
    Martin: From 10. Sept. I've got plenty time to work on it. I think Markus would join here too ;-)
    Tim: I can contribute in running stuff and help identify parameters from literature
    Rico: I can do simulations, sensitivity analysis.
    Nan: I would like to do simulations and sensitivity analysis.
    Christos: Yeap, I guess I can be here too. I will check some toolboxes to automate things, this weekend.
    Katerina: Want to help (parameter identification, programming, sensitivity analysis). Discuss in upcoming meeting tasks, versioning and ask Christian about parameters.
  6. Presentation
    Joe: I'm American... I can sale anything.
    Martin: I'm bad in Layout stuff, but maybe I can help as an idea supplier or so.
    Rico: I like giving presentations. For preparation we will need a mixture of different background and excellent pictures!!!
    Christian: I can provide the molecular biology knowledge and part.
    Nan: I can work on the slides.
    Christos: I like this part, I guess everyone will contribute anyway...
    Katerina: I believe I can be of help in structure, layout and fancy stuff. Could help train a bit the people we decide to do the presentation (question answering, style). I also think that Joe and Christos could be good for doing the presentation (structured, pleasant voices and lively), can discuss this in a meeting.
    Sylke: I can help with the bio-part and I'm good at doing graphics and stuff. Can be a help when it needs to look good :-)
  7. Poster
    Joe: See 5. above
    Rico: I can help.
    Christian: I can provide the molecular biology knowledge and part.
    Nan: Partly art. I will help.
    Christos: You can sell, but can you trick? lol :)
    Katerina: Not my strong point, but have an eye for typos, fonts, layout etc, so can help in final checking.
    Sylke: See above. Good at layout.
  8. Wiki (Project and part documentation due on 26.10)
    Martin: See the points above, from next Monday I will give everything, now I'm doing my best...
    Rico: I can help. I guess this will have to contain the materials that we will also use for poster and presenttion anyway.
    Nan: Shouldn't it be updated with every going on process?
    Christos: I am trying to put stuff in, as it comes along. I will update the bio pages with the presentation material, this weekend (I hope).
    Katerina: You guys have done a great job so far, will help with whatever needed.
  9. T-Shirts
    Sylke: in print (2007-09-24)