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Infector Detector: Specifications

The system must be able to detect the presence of biofilms on urinary catheters by detection of AHL, at a minimum concentration of 5nM, and report with a visual signal within 3 hours. It must work within a temperature range of 20°-30°C, be portable and easy to use, have a shelf life of at least seven days, and must not be harmful or infectious.

System must be sensitive to AHL concentration between 5-50nM
System must give a visual signal if bacteria is present
Response Time
System needs to have a response time under 3 hour
Operating Conditions
System must operate within temperature 20-30°C
System must operate within pH range of 6-8
Health & Safety
System Must not be living replicating bacteria, and in any way harmful or infectious.
System must have a shelf life of 7 days
System must be portable and convenient to use

Specifications in detail

Desired response of Infector Detector. Note that the response is not necessarily linear.
  • Input: AHL 5-50nM
  • Output: Visible fluorescent protein
  • Response Time: < 3 hours
  • Operating conditions
  • Health & safety
  • Packaging and shelf-life