Peking wins the Grand Prize

the Peking iGEM 2007 team triumphantly hoists the Grand Prize BioBrick trophy

Cambridge & Melbourne Leap Together

Cambridge University & Melbourne Univeristy leap together after co-winning the Best BioBrick Part award.

Berkeley's BactoBlood

Berkeley playfully poses with their BactoBlood. The team was one of the 6 finalists for the grand prize.

iGEM Boogie

A mass of anxious iGEMMERS join a spontaneous dance on stage while waiting for the final Grand Prize decision from the Judges.

Presenting the BioBrick Trophy

Tom Knight, Patron Saint of Synthetic Biology and iGEM, receives the iGEM BioBrick trophy from the 2006 Grand Prize winners and presents it to the Head Judge, Drew Endy

iGEM 2007 from above

a slice of the 750+ participants in igem 2007

JBE's logo IBE's Journal of Biological Engineering
abstracts due Dec. 21!!!

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iGEM 2007 has officially concluded


And it was a great success! 54 teams from around the world spent their summer engineering novel biological machines using and creating BioBrick standard biological parts, then gathered in Novemeber at the 2007 Championship Jamboree to share, celebrate and compete with their projects. Learn More


minutes of talks
new parts
at Jamboree


Thanks to all the participants in the iGEM 2007 online assessment survey, and congratulations if you were one of the winners of an iPod or iTunes music store credit. more

The 2007 iGEM Jamboree officially concluded on Sunday November 4. Congratulations to all of the participants for such an outstanding job. And congratulations to the Peking team for taking home the iGEM BioBrick trophy. To see the results of iGEM 2007 and view all of the team presentations in video and slide format, take a look at the results page.

Welcome to the and iGEM 2007 wiki - it's iGEM07's online home and the place that all the iGEM teams share the details of their projects with the community.

This site will split into the iGEM07 site and the iGEM .org site soon. You might also want to visit the Registry, the registration page, or OpenWetWare.

Get involved

Start a team at your school, and then stay involved as an alumni. Or volunteer and help us run the jamboree - we need lots of help! Or considering partnering with us as a Sponsor. So come share our excitement, and get involved today! Sign up for iGEM 2008 mailing lists.