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.:: To Do ::.

.:: New ones ::.

  • How about changing "educatETH E.coli to all italics "educatETH E.coli"
    • ( might be kinda late now, we have already had "educatETH E.coli" on the T-shirts... ?)
    • (Not really because the font on the T-shirts is all italics, for all who want to know: Bitstream Charter Bold Italic Not-Rotated)
  • Change the name of p22cII to only cII (its a cI analog) p22 just means that it derives from the phage p22.
  • IMPORTANT: THE COLOURS ARE TOTALLY WRONG IN THE SIMULATION PART. Please refer to the table on the main page. Changed it just now, it was wrong before!!!
  • Change banner on top of page. Stefan: Can we please change the banner back to the old version?!? It was MUCH nicer.
  • Decide on headings type. I like larger headings more, I also like the horizontal line because it separates, put it only on Introduction for you to see how it is.
  • Possibly put table of contents.
  • Possibly take educatETH E.coli from Figure.
    • ( by "Figure", you mean the Einstein figure on the banner? )
  • Change Figure 2.
  • Possibly change figure caption format from xxx (Fig. x) to Fig.x: xxx. Put second format on Figure 2 for all to check.
  • Fix table showing possible system states and reporters. Maybe with some color? --> No colour please.
  • Put cross-reference on table. Is there something like a description function for tables? An automatic "Tab. 1" as in "Fig. 1"?
  • Align table left
  • Add which reporters do what in paragraph.
  • Put (compressed!) team photo instead of Fig.1
    • ( can we leave it and add team pic? Fig.1 is somehow our brand.)
  • Fix paragraph with system description, looks somehow bulky. Maybe italics or bold on important things?
  • Fix reference on toggle switch.
  • Possibly remove Introduction heading altogether, and just start with the text.
  • These two lines are kinda confusing...
    • " Main Page / Biology Pespective / Engineering Perspective / Meet the Team / Team Notes / Pictures!"
    • "Main Page / System Modeling / Simulations / System Implementation / Lab Notes / Meet the Team / Team Notes / Pictures!
  • (19th Oct.) Just notice that we have different header styles under different sub-wikipage...
  • BTW, can we label the solved problems to blue ?

.:: Old ones ::.
  • Need picture: Bacteria red, Bacteria Green, two pictures showing different exposure to chemicals (Sylke: see my presentation Sven will hold for me tonight (20.09) -> the FACS guy wants probes of our XFP expressing E.coli - the one who brings it to him can just put it under the microscope and take a few pictures for the wiki)
  • Need picture: Einstein ecoli (Sylke: does Stefan have the layer file?)
  • Stupidity: All E. Colis are equal, but our E. Colis are more equal than the others :D
  • Katerina: 2. If we have a separate "Meet the team" page (which is good that we have), we have to make sure that all data about each one of us (short bio+photo) appear also on each one's user page-the same version would be the best, in my opinion.
  • Katerina: 3. Figure 2, bottom right part needs to be a bit larger/more clear, in my opinion, as it's important. (Christos: If you click, then it becomes larger. Will have the same at the bio part as well... Should I make it bigger anyway? I will change it, it is wrong anyway :D)

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