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Preparation of a stock of phage on w121:

See Protocols

Titration of bacteriophages P1

Nicolas C.
We measure the strength of former P1 preparation :

  • The stock prepared the 3.7.7
  • The stock prepared the 8.7.7
  • The stock prepared today (12.7.7)

See results.
See protocols for details.

Culture of FtsZ TS

David B
We want to isolate a good clone of the strain FstZ TS
From the plate of FtsZ TS84 121:
isolation of 6 clones of the 121.1 on LBA+tet incubated at 42°C + Culture ON at 30°C
If one clone do not grow at 42, we'll use it to do the transduction.
See result.

Acinetobacter microscopy

We looked under 5X fluorescence microscopy the fluorescence of colonies of Acinetobacter incubated on LNMM Nile Red for 4-5 days: Visualisation of colonies stained by Nile Red. It seems that only cells in the middle of colonies (i.e. "old" cells) are producing triglycerides whereas cells on the edges doesn't. Without Nile red, the colonies show no fluorescence.

Paris Acineto Colonies.jpg

E.coli pKS::DGAT on LB oleate medium

We incubated E.coli pKS::DGAT overnight on different LB medium (see July 11).

We did not observe any colony. Probably because spread plates with liquid culture kept in the freezer for one week was not a good idea...

On minimum medium, it did not grow too because what we thought to be M9 medium was only agar...