Samantha Liang Notebook


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My Construction Files
My Sequencing Files
My Biobricks

Samanthaliang 17:31, 6 June 2007 (EDT)

  • miniprepped 201 through 206 and sent them out for sequencing
  • put the clones on "clone saver" paper
  • subcloned 207 and 208 with all clones (have 2 versions of each just in case)

Samanthaliang 19:20, 5 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Grew up 2 colonies each of I716201 through I716206
  • Made a lot of construction files and entered things into the registry
  • My oligos were ordered today!
  • Demonstrated liquid media making and registry entering
  • Now will also make an RFP variant as a reporter on how well Cre is working

To do tomorrow:

  • subclone 207 and 208
  • Run PCRs if they come in the afternoon
  • Send things out for sequencing and make -80s
  • Fill out and sent those survey forms

Samanthaliang 15:29, 4 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Oligos to make biobricks of toxins are not yet in - maybe Wednesday or Thursday?

For cassette between Cre and toxin: [rbs][ATG][Lox][Term][Lox]

  • Made [rbs][ATG] variants with different ribosome binding sites
       I716201 is Bca1106A.Bca1112 
I716202 is Bca1106B.Bca1112
I716203 is Bca1128A.Bca1112
I716204 is Bca1090.Bca1112
  • Made [Lox][Term] variants with 2 different terminators (will probably use Bca1092 version)
     I716205 is Bca1114.Bca1124 
I716206 is Bca1114.Bca1092
  • Tomorrow will make [Lox][Term][Lox] part
  • Then will put the rbsATG together with LoxTermLox

eek so many construction files and ape files to make.

to do