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(Proposed Agenda)
(Proposed Agenda)
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|Standard and Synthetic Biology
|Standard and Synthetic Biology

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Date - June 16th, June 17

Location - 20th Building, 23th Building, TJU

Teach the Teachers 2007 Workshops

We are planning three "Teach the Teachers" Workshops in 2007, one in North America, one in China, and one in Europe.

New instructors are required to attend one of the workshops. Experienced instructors -- ie. those that have participated in iGEM in previous years -- are also encouraged to attend. The workshop will describe the philosophical foundations of the iGEM program, describe the requirements and expectations for participation in 2007, and introduce the resources available to the participating teams. The workshop also provides an opportunity to meet the iGEM organizers, learn about the laboratory operations that support the competition, socialize with other iGEM team leaders, and gather information and materials for a successful year.

Your Role in the Teachers Workshop

During the workshop, you will be expected to use your laptop to edit parts, enter information on the wiki and perform other modern internet tasks. You will also be expected to give a 10 minute presentation of your iGEM team please plan to cover the following topics and more if you wish:

  • What are your expectations and hopes for iGEM 2007?
  • What has happened at your school to get ready for iGEM 2007?
  • Please describe the team - the students, the instructors, and the facilitys available.
  • How are you supporting your team?

Directions to the Workshop

By Taxi - Taxi fare from the airport is about $5-$6. During non-rush hour, the taxi ride will take about 30 minutes. During rush hour, the ride could take 50 minutes.

By Bus - If your flights are going to arrive in Beijing airport, a bus driven directly from Beijing airport to Tianjin is suitable. The cost of the bus is around $7. Then take a taxi to TJU, which will costs less than $2.

Proposed Agenda

June 16th(Including 3 Sections)

Time Duration Session Speakers
First Section 13:00-15:30
13:00 0:05 Official Welcome President Gong
13:05 0:10 Introduction and Welcome Dean Yuan
13:15 0:05 Welcome from Ambassadors Patrick CAI
13:20 0:10 Welcome from iGEM Randy
13:30 1:00 Standard and Synthetic Biology Tom
14:30 0:20 Break
14:50 0:45 How to construct an iGEM team Karmella Hayes
15:35 0:45 iGEM Resources and Expectations, Wiki, Registry, Podcasts and Editing a wiki exercise Randy
16:20 0:20 Breatk
Section 2 16:40-18:30
16:40 0:15 Reports of Perking Perking
16:55 0:15 Reports of Tsinghua Tsinghua
17:10 0:15 Reports of USTC USTC
17:25 0:15 Reports of NYMU NYMU
17:40 0:15 Reports of HK&HKUST HK&HKUST
17:55 0:15 Reports of TJU TJU
18:05 0:25 Discussion All
18:30 The End

June 17th

Time Duration Session Speakers
Third Section 8:30-10:00
8:30 1:00 An iGEM summer example Tom&Randy
9:30 0:30 Break
Fourth Section 10:00-11:30
10:00 0:30 Report of VBI Patrick CAI
10:30 0:15 Report of Melbourne Melbourne
10:45 0:15 Report of Chiba Taro Toyota
11:00 0:20 Break
Fifth Section 11:20-12:30
11:20 0:30 iGEM Organization, Registration, Jamboree, Rules, Judging, Prizes, Posters and discussion Randy
11:50 0:40 Question & Discussion All
12:30 The End