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SampleDatePlasmidClonePrimerResultFile Link
AY001060407 pBca9145-Bca1145#1ca998Probably good. Long, ambiguous long AAAAAAA. AY001
AY002060407 pBca9145-Bca1145#2ca998Good. AY002
AY003061207pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716???)A1ca998super wrong. Seems like only half of HPI/katG, from the AY004.Sal.katG.HPI-Fx "mutate GAT>GAC (BglII)" til the end, was cloned. AY003
AY004061207pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716???)A3ca998generally OK. There is one extra G at 584 in the goal plasmid in the calls file. There is low confidence, but I am not sure what to make of it. Possibly should send for recheck at this point; may be necessary to check the mutation point @1308, and the end portion as well. But based on the miniprep digest run yesterday, this guy has a high chance of being the right one. DECISION: sent as AY007 with G01001 for a reverse check. AY004
AY005061207pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716???)A4ca998crazy :( there are big gaps AY005
AY006061207pBca9145-wbbL (I716000)B1ca998also crazy AY006
AY007061307pBca9145-HPI/katG (I716???)A3G01001Looks good actually, only notable thing is silent point mutation @ 1782 TCG > TCA still S. but the mutation point was just missed by sequencing. I don't think it's necessary to recheck; i have faith the primers worked right. well.. idk. major concern still is the possible addition mutation of a G AY007
AY008061307pBca9145-neuS (I716001)C1ca998Forward. Looks great! AY008
AY009061307pBca9145-neuS (I716001)C1G01001Reverse. Looks great! AY009
AY010??????????????? AY010
AY011??????????????? AY011
AY012??????????????? AY012
AY013??????????????? AY013
AY014??????????????? AY014
AY015??????????????? AY015
AY016??????????????? AY016
AY017??????????????? AY017
AY018??????????????? AY018
AY019??????????????? AY019
AY020??????????????? AY020
AY021??????????????? AY021
AY022??????????????? AY022
AY023??????????????? AY023
AY024??????????????? AY024
AY025??????????????? AY025

Start 26

AY026??????????????? AY026
AY027??????????????? AY027
AY028??????????????? AY028
AY029??????????????? AY029
AY030??????????????? AY030
AY031??????????????? AY031
AY032??????????????? AY032
AY033??????????????? AY033
AY034??????????????? AY034
AY035??????????????? AY035
AY036??????????????? AY036
AY037??????????????? AY037
AY038??????????????? AY038
AY039??????????????? AY039
AY040??????????????? AY040
AY041??????????????? AY041
AY042??????????????? AY042
AY043??????????????? AY043
AY044??????????????? AY044
AY045??????????????? AY045
AY046??????????????? AY046
AY047??????????????? AY047
AY048??????????????? AY048
AY049??????????????? AY049
AY050??????????????? AY050