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From left to right
Back row: Zhao Yun, Liu Ziqing, Ma Xiaoyu
Front row: Ma Rui, Su Xiaofeng, Ding Bo, Zhan Jian

Our Project: Enlargeable Logic Circuit in Bacteria

Artificial Cell Signaling Network (ACS Network) and Integrated Circuit Network (IC Network) are both signaling networks. Now we are enjoying the advantage of Ultra Large Scale IC (ULSI), but at least today we cannot implement a somewhat large ACS Network in actual experiments.
Our project is to provide a new viewpoint for building up fully extensible ACS Networks. We are going to produce biologic logic gates such as NAND, NOR, NOT for some biological conveniences. In other words, modern logic IC Networks are built upon these three gates-- NAND, NOR and NOT. Logic gates are only the basic elements of logic IC, on the other hand, the more important factors we think which make IC Network to be easily enlarged are: Reducing the scale of elements; Tuning elements to eliminate interference; Calibrating elements for interconnection. Cis-acting elements may provide smaller scale than trans-acting ones, while the other two factors can be achieved by standardization. We will present the method for standardization and demonstrate an ACS Network made by these biologic logic gates.
This ACS Network may not be large, but the important factors we implement in it will naturally make it fully extensible. IC has been born for 50 years and how hugely it impacts our modern life! So, what about biologic logic circuit in next 50 years? A new world is waiting...



There is a mistake in my preparing X-Gal solution. Please rework your correlative experiments. Sorry!

( by Ma Rui )


First designed repressors. Good job, Bo and Xiaofeng!


Primary experiments begin around this day.



PoPS Convertors

Biologic Logic Gates

Redesign the Lac Repressor

Fluorescent Reporters

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Zhan Jian
Ding Bo
Ma Rui
Ma Xiaoyu

Su Xiaofeng
Liu Ziqing
Zhao Yun

Faculty Advisors:
Prof. HY Liu
Prof. JR Wu
Prof. ZH Hou


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