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Our Project:
Extensible Logic Circuit in Bacteria

Artificial Bio-Logic Circuit is composed of "logic gates" and "wires" like Digital Electronic Circuits. Though we have been enjoying the advantages of ultra-large-scale electronic circuits in modern life, we still cannot implement a somewhat small-scale circuit in vivo with several levels of gates.

Our project is to provide a new method for building up a fully extensible bio-logic circuit in bacteria. A small fragment of DNA containing cis-acting elements, favored for its small scale and potential to implement complex logic computation in vivo, can be systematically built up and act as a gate. Meanwhile, artificial repressors with highly-specific DNA-recognition regions are able to transmit signals without mutual interference, just as enameled wires. In this way, a circuit can be constructed regardless of the number of logic gates and the layout of the wires.

A demonstration system has also been assembled to show the practicality of this method. Just like Digital Electronic Circuits in early days, it is simple and ugly. Nevertheless, how will it appear in future?

For detailed description, please click each hyperlink below.


From left to right
Back row: Zhao Yun, Liu ZQ, Ma XY
Front row: Ma Rui, Su XF, Ding Bo, Zhan Jian



Core Logic Components:

Logic-Gate Promoters

Wires without Interference:

Repressor Evolution on Plates

Repressor Evolution in Silico

Peripheral Devices:

Inputs and Outputs

Extensible System:

A Demonstration

Further More


4 Graduates:
Zhan Jian
Ma Rui
Ding Bo
Ma Xiaoyu

3 Undergraduates:
Su Xiaofeng
Liu Ziqing
Zhao Yun

3 Faculty Advisors:
Prof. HY Liu
Prof. JR Wu
Prof. ZH Hou


247 Part Sequences

123 Parts Submitted

77 Synthesized Promoters

11 Novel Artificial Repressors

~ 350 New Strains

~ 130 DNA Strands Sequenced

> 5000 Colonies Screened

~ 400 Quantitative Assays

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