Week 10

From 2007.igem.org

  • Miniprep for:





  • Digestion for:

-R0040+S0100 with Eco/Spe;

-R0040+S03520 with Eco/Spe;

-I763005+I763015 with Spe/Pst1;

-J52034+E0022 with Spe/Pst1;

-B0015 with Eco/Xba;

  • Band extraction from gel for all digestion;
  • Ligation for:


-I763024 +B0015(I763030);






  • There are colonies for every ligations.
  • Meeting.


Miniprep for:

- I763016+ I763020 (I763019);

- I763025+ B0015 (I763026);

- I763024+ B0015 (I763030);

- R0051+ I763020 (I763011);

- I763009+ P0412 (I763021);

- I763009+ S03520(I763022);

  • Digestion for:

- I763019 with Eco/Xba;

- I763026 with Eco/Spe;

- I763030 with Eco/Spe;

- I763011 with Xba/Pst1;

- R0051+ I13507(I763007) with Xba/Pst1;

- I763021 with Eco/Spe;

  • Control digestion for I763019 with Eco/Pst1;
  • Band extraction from gel for:

- I763019;

- I763026;

- I763011;

- R0051+ I13507 (I763007);

  • New control digestion for:

-I763019 with Xba/Spe;

-I763019 with Xba/Pst1;

-I763021 with Eco/Spe;

-I763026 with Eco/Spe;

-I763030 with Eco/Spe;

  • Band extraction for I763019 (digested with Xba/Spe and with Xba/Pst1), I763026;
  • Ligation O/N for:

-I763026+ I763019(I763028);

-I763026+ I763004(I763027);


Digestion for:

-I763019 with Eco/Xba;

-I763021 with Eco/Spe;

-I763026 with Eco/Spe.

  • Band extraction from electrophoresis gel for I763019 and I763026.
  • Ligation for I763027 with new extracts.
  • Transformations for the new ligations.

  • Glycerol stocks preparation;
  • We check without plasmid bacteria growth curve to individuate a model parameter.