Martin Brutsche

My name is Martin Brutsche and I was born in Singen, Germany. I have a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Universtiy of applied science Constance, Germany. My specialities are CFD simulation of turbomachinary particularly of Axial Fans with a guide wheel. In the spring semester 2007 I begun my Master studies in Biomedical Engineering at the ETH Zurich. Right in my first Master semester I applied to our IGEM project because I wanted to learn more about synthetic biology and labwork.

In my spare time I love sailing, playing snooker, read thrillers, play with my dog and go to the cinema.

I'm very happy to be part of the '07 ETH IGEM Team. I found new friends and my knowledge on synthetic biology is grown exponentially with the time. I want to thank our advisors that they chosen me for the team and given me such a great opportunity.