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I am currently a sophomore at Penn State. I am majoring in Bioengineering and plan on attending medical school after graduation. In addition to working in lab I also enjoy playing soccer, skiing, and playing guitar in my spare time.
I am currently a sophomore at the Pennsylvania State University. I am pursuing a double major in Biology and Mathematics and plan to attend either graduate or medical school. When I'm not busy with school or lab I like to spend my time with judo, mountain biking, hiking, computers, and reading.
I am currently a junior at Penn State studying Chemical Engineering with a focus in Bioprocess & Biomolecular Engineering. Upon graduation I plan on attending graduate school. When I'm not in the lab or doing school work you can usually find me at the gym or playing guitar.
I am in my fourth year at Penn State University studying Chemical Engineering. I enjoy working on the student council in my spare time.

I am beginning my third year of study at Penn State University. I am orienting my education around Chemical Synthesis and Mathematics, while focusing the majority of my research in building a strong skills background in microbiology. I plan on attending graduate school in Systems Biology, where I can combine my knowledge, and focus on intracellular chemical synthesis.

I am currently a junior at State College Area High School. I enjoy studying biology. In my spare time I like to play the violin and read books.

Post Doc


I am in my first year as a post-doc at Penn
State University, working in Dr. Richard's lab.
My background is in modeling, sustainable
agriculture, and molecular microbial ecology
techniques to study microorganisms in
complex environments, such as soil and
compost. At Penn State, my research is
focused on ensilage as a biomass storage
and pretreatment method for cellulosic
ethanol production.