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Group pictures

Back row left to right: Ihor Lemischka, Ron Weiss, Cil Purnick, Christoph Schaniel, Jon Monk, Neal Yuan, Caroline DeHart, Bambi Tsui
Front row left to right: Devin Cooper, Aparna Swaminathan, Katia Sherman, Paul Cowgill, Vichi Jagannathan, Andrew Sichel
Group outing, Longport, NJ (2007-07-17). We love to surf!

Back row: Caroline DeHart, Lena Phalen, Katia Sherman, Vichi Jagannathan, Paul Cowgill, Saurabh Gupta, Jon Monk, Kush Mangal, Neal Yuan, Ron Weiss, Andrew Sichel, Patrick Guye
Front row: Noah Davidsohn, Justine Chiu, Devin Cooper, Aparna Swaminathan