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Macowell 13:36, 25 September 2007 (EDT): This is neat, but you're right, it's unfortunate that the conversation gets split between both user-discussion pages. I think we are going run a mediawiki server like this one again next year, as well, so I don't think much progress could be made... But I'm leaning towards us using wordpress for all of the mainpage content - the stuff we would publish about igem, the jamboree, the rules, help docs, etc. - and somehow partnering with openwetware so that they can provide online notebook and homepage features for each igem team. Advice?

Also, I would like your team to be featured on the main page. Can you get me a picture of them at least 655x222px?

Macowell: It's live! It still needs some polish in some areas, but they shouldn't be critical. I've never used this messaging feature of mediawiki before - how did you navigate to my talk page? Did you just manually type it in to the address bar?