Wisconsin/Protocol:Agarose Gel

From 2007.igem.org

1.2% Agarose Gel preparation

  • 8 wells
  • 600mg Agarose
  • 50mL TBE
  • 1uL 10mg/ml EtBr

Mix agarose and TBE in flask, microwave for 20 second intervals and swirl it until solution is clear (usually 1-2min. total) to make sure agarose is dissolved in TBE. Add EtBr to flask (under hood) and pour into gel box with comb in place. Wait until gel solidifies.

  • 2uL DNA
  • 12uL ddH2O
  • 4uL 5x Loading Dye
  • 4uL DNA Ladder for reference

Add water if DNA is less than 10uL and make sure #uL of 1x loading dye = #uL total. Mix content in tube before adding it to well. Also make sure gel box is submerged in TAE/TBE before adding DNA. Run to red half way.