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There are days left until the Jamboree!

Towards Self-differentiated Bacterial Assembly Line

Bistable Switch

Our projects concern with the ability for bacterial cells to differentiate out of homogeneous conditions into populations with the division of labor. We aim at devices conferring host cells with the ability to form cooperating groups spontaneously and to take consecutive steps sequentially even when the genetic background and environmental inputs are identical. To break the mirror in such homogeneous condition, we need two devices respectively responsible for temporal and spatial differentiation. The implementation and application of such devices will lead to bioengineering where complex programs consisted of sequential steps (structure oriented programs) and cooperating agencies (forked instances of a single class, object and event oriented) can be embedded in a single genome. Although this "differentiation" process resemble the development of multicellular organism, we tend to use a more bioengineering style analogy: assembly line. Or maybe after some years from now, this will not be just an analogy.

Road to the Jamboree

Team Members of iGEM Peking
  • Dec.2006, iGEM Embassy came to Peking University
  • Jan.2007, Journal Club
  • Feb-Mar.2007, Idea Brain Storming
  • Apr.2007, Synthetic Biology Workshop
  • May.2007, Project Launch
  • Jun.2007, Dry Work
  • Jun.2007, TTT at Tianjin
  • Jun.2007, Set Up Our Own Labs
  • Jun.-Oct.2007,Work Hard on Our Project
  • At Present, Heading to MIT Jamboree!
  • To Be Continued...

Documentation and OpenWetWare

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Our OpenWetWare team site contains all the Specific Procedures, Detailed Protocols and Experiment Note Book(Containing Dates and Graphs of Our Experiment).

  • Experimental procedure: why do we do these experiments and how do we arrange them?
  • Protocols: get into our lab!
  • Experiment Notebook: We keep experimental notes online nearly everyday, look for all our raw data and detailed
  • Photos: Every bit of fun in our lives with iGEM

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