IGEM2007 Team List

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Every iGEM participant has an account on this wiki. Every iGEM team has a (blank) home page for their team. This page is provided for the team to describe and documentation for their project on this wiki a week before the Jamboree. The team should also use this wiki to describe their team and may want to use it to coordinate the activities of their team during the summer.


When you click on your team name, you will be taken to a blank wiki page with your team name at the top. This is the main page for your team. When you make a link to any new page for your team, please use the format YourTeamName/NewPageName. (That is a forward slash between the two fields).

Please do not make new pages without your team name unless the page is NOT about your team. For example, put your meetings on a page called MyTeam/Meetings not on a page called Meetings. Thanks - The Folks at the Registry

Alberta Bangalore Bay_Area_RSI Berkeley_LBL Berkeley_UC
Bologna Boston_University Brown Calgary Caltech
Cambridge Chiba Colombia CSHL Davidson_Missouri_W
Duke Dundee Edinburgh ETHZ Freiburg
Glasgow Harvard Imperial Lethbridge Ljubljana
McGill Melbourne Mexico Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi_State Missouri_Miners MIT Naples Paris
Peking Penn State Prairie_View Princeton Purdue
Rice Saint_Petersburg Southern_Utah Taipei Tianjin
Tokyo_Tech Toronto Tsinghua Turkey UCSF
USTC Valencia Virginia Virginia_Tech Waterloo
Wisconsin Example