The IC GEMs team consists of ten 2nd year undergraduates from Bioengineering and Bioscience. Our genuine collective interest in healthcare led to the targetting of health and medicine related applications this year. Together with the vision of an industry, the strategy we adopted for our projects is to use the Engineering Cycle to create reliable Synthetic Biology products where standards and quality control are strictly kept.

Main Project - Infector Detector

Infector Detector is a system that will detect the presence of biofilm infections on urinary catheters by reporting on the presence of AHL, a signalling molecule used by E.coli, and output a fluorescent protein as a result. (more...)

Main Achievements

  • Designed and modelled a device to detect biofilms and prevent urinary catheter infections like MRSA
  • Successfully utilized cell-free chassis for Infector Detector
  • Characterised Infector Detector to detect AHL at ambient temperatures
  • Compared system expression to AHL Receiver (BBa_F2620) transfer function.

Foundational technology - Cell-Free Systems

Power your iGEM projects with Cell-Free Systems! Find out what this new chassis has done for us, and what it can do for you! (more...)

Sub Project - Cell by Date

Cell by Date will report when ground beef has been out of the cold chain for too long. It produces fluorescent proteins at ambient temperatures above 8°C. (more...)

Main Achievements

  • Designed and modelled a device to indicate spoilage of meat/break in the cold chain via the thermal history of the system
  • Utilised project results to characterise cell-free chassis
  • Characterised pTet-GFP and pT7-GFP under isothermal conditions