Alumni Program


Opportunities for experienced iGEM participants.

We are looking for people who would like to run or participate in an iGEM Alumni Program.

If you are interested, sign up below. Thank you - Randy

Volunteers to run the program:

  • Natalie Yeung, Toronto 2006. --NatalieYeung 23:35, 24 July 2007 (EDT)
  • Sreemati Lalgudi Seshasayee, Edinburgh 2006 -- [1]

Volunteers to participate:

Alumni participation: random ideas (Vincent 05:25, 9 October 2007 (EDT))

  • Share your iGEM experience:
    • Outreach: try to recruit more iGEM teams in your local region (give some presentations, advise on how to set-up a team)
    • Animate an online community network for iGEM members (Alumni Profiles, Forum, Online journal club, Classifieds -jobs, projects, studies-)
    • Organize virtual workshops for current/future iGEM members (doc on the wiki, youtube clips, skype conf call for example):
      • "How to set-up an iGEM team (Funding, Academic support, Equipment, ...) ?"
      • "If I had to do it again, how would I do it ?"
      • "Ethical and societal issues in Synthetic Biology."
      • ...
    • Be an online mentor for future iGEM teams (track progresses and give feedbacks on the wiki of the team(s). Organize regular phone conferences with them)
  • Alumni could form a special judging panel at the Jamboree, with their unique prize (the 'Alumni prize'). They could select, with their own set of criteria, the most successful team (could be done purely online for cost reasons)
  • Engage with the Synthetic Biology community

FAQ: Where to sign up? Sree from iGEM Edinbrugh 2006 team. Would like to volunteer in running the programme in iGEM 2007. Would be glad if you can contact me at