Berkeley LBL/Electroporation


Electroporation (Using Bio-Rad Gene Pulser):

1. Warm up LB + antibiotic plates in 37°C incubator.

2. Thaw bacterial cells on ice. Place sterile cuvettes on ice.

3. Mix 1-2 µl of DNA with the cells.

4. Set up the Gene Pulser apparatus.

5. Transfer the DNA-cell mixture to the middle of a cold electroporation cuvette. Place in the cuvette chamber slide, and push the slide into the chamber to make contact with the electrodes. Pulse once per sample. Remove the cuvette and immediately add 1 ml LB broth and resuspend the cells.

6. Record the time and voltage pulse parameters for each sample. The time constant should be between 3.2-6.0 msec.

7. Transfer the cell suspension to a disposable falcon tube and incubate 30°C for 1 hour while shaking.

8. Keep 50 uL of cell and spin down the other 950 uL of cell to obtain a pellet.

9. Dissolve the pellet in 50 uL LB.

10. Plate both 50 uL of cells on separate, warmed LB plate with antibiotics.

11. Incubate overnight in 37°C with plate upside down

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