Berkeley LBL/GelExtraction


Gel Extraction (Using QlAquick Spin):

1. Cut out band with razor minimizing extra gel matter

2. Place band in eppendorf tube and weigh

3. Add 3 volumes Buffer GC to every 100mg of the band

4. Place in 50ÂșC heating block for 10 min. and vortex occasionally until the gel has dissolved

5. Transfer solution to QuickSpin column, centrifuge for 1 min. to bind DNA (at 13,000 rpm)and discard supernatant

6. Wash with 750 uL Buffer PE w/ ethanol, centrifuge for 1 min. and discard flow-through

7. Centrifuge for an additional minute to remove excess Buffer PE

8. Transfer column in new eppendorf tube

9. Add 50 uL 20% EB to elute DNA and allow to sit for 1 min.

10. Centrifuge and discard column.