Boston University/Bacterial Conjugation Results


Filter conjugation to transfer the plasmid pMS291(lacZ) from E.coli SM10 to S. oneidensis AS-92

The plasmid pMS291 contained a kanamycin resistance gene. S. oneidensis has a native gentamicin resistance.
The plasmid pMS291 is first transformed into E.coli SM10 and then the conjugation protocol is run to encourage conjugal transfer of the plasmid to S. oneidensis AS-92. A double-antibiotic selection method is used to select for successful S. onedensis transformants which have a resistance for both kanamycin and gentamicin.

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Our Protocol

BU conjugation1.jpg

Plate 1: 7 separate conjugation mixes were plated. The white is the filter upon which the bacteria conjugate. S. oneidensis is red.

BU conjugation2.jpg

Plate 2

BU conjugation3.jpg

Plate 3

BU conjugation4.jpg

Plate 4

BU conjugation5.jpg

Plate 5