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If you upload pictures that you took yourself, use the igem07 tag so that everyone else can find them too. videos

We are hosting videos of the Jamboree at

blogs covering iGEM (email Meagan with more blogs)

  • The Scientist scroll down for several blog posts about iGEM and the Jamboree written by Alla Katsnelson.
  • Alexis Madrigal at Wired writes about several iGEM 2007 teams as well as the "Adventures in Synthetic Biology" comic book.

news articles about iGEM

(email Meagan with news articles that do not appear below)

There is a short list of igem07-related scientific publications on the Publishing iGEM Projects page.

You can also find a list of news coverage of the iGEM 2006 competition at the iGEM News page of the igem 2006 wiki.