Project Documentation on the iGEM Wiki

Judging criteria

  • Team Project well documented on the iGEM wiki - y/n
  • Team parts in the Registry and documented - y/n
  • Team parts received at Registry - y/n

On a scale from 1-5 (comments field for each):

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Documentation/wiki
  • Attribution
  • References
  • Useful Parts
  • 3 teams - 15min / team (all in the same track, but not the evaluator's)
  • Not interested in evaluating option
  • Good examples
  • Help porting your external wiki content into the iGEM 2007 wiki

Part Documentation on the Registry

  • They must be promoted (favorited/selected) from the team's sandbox
  • Basic criteria used by the Judging Committee
  • Complete criteria required for an accepted rating
  • Good examples / bad examples

Part Submission to the Registry

Description: Ship your parts to the Registry. Detailed instructions are available at [Jamboree/DNA Submission].


  • Judging criteria

Presentation (20-min)

  • Judging criteria
  • Good Examples

Online Judging Process

More information about how the community scoring process will work will be available in the coming months.


Teams may be separated into one of several broad categories based on the focus of their project, called tracks, to facilitate the judging process and organization of the Jamboree. The Judging committee is still deciding on the particular tracks, which will organize projects into something similar to the following categories:

  • Energy & Environmental applications
  • Health & Medicine applications
  • Foundational Synthetic Biology (including basic part & device development, characterization techniques, etc.)
  • Other

Judging Committee

  • Overview
  • How to Become a Judge
  • Bio + Pics of Judges