USTC/Interference between LacI and LRLa


According to the in vitro cross-binding data reported by Kalodimos et al. [1], We used LacI and LRLa as the upstream input signals in the first version co-repression test-bench, and used O11 (the symmetric operator of LacI) and O22(the symmetric operator of LRLa) to construct logic promoters such as BBa_I732352. But unfortunately, experimental data show that these two repressor can bind to the relative operator of each other in vivo. All measurements of co-repression based-on these two repressors are abandoned. The combination of LacI and ARL2A0203 are replaced with ARL4A0604 in the later experiments.

USTC RM LacI LRLa.png USTC RM ARL4A0604 ARL2A0203.png
Repression matrix of
LacI and LRLa
Repression matrix of
ARL2A0203 and ARL4A0604


  1. Kalodimos, C. G.; Bonvin, A. M. J. J.; Salinas, R. K.; Wechselberger, R.; Boelens, R. & Kaptein, R. (2002), 'Plasticity in protein-DNA recognition: lac repressor interacts with its natural operator 01 through alternative conformations of its DNA-binding domain.', EMBO J 21(12), 2866--2876.