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Mitä kuuluu?

And the same in english... Hi! How are you? I´m Maija and I come from the land of thousands of lakes and trees. The Santa Claus comes from the very same country and we have about 2 million saunas for a population of 5 millions. And yes, we won the Eurovision song contest 2006! Go Lordi!! :D Guessed yet? Yes, it´s Finland.

I study biotechnology in Finland in the University of Tampere in the Institute of Medical Technology. After three years of (more or less) hard student life I decided to spend an exchange year in Scotland studying genetics in the University of Glasgow. It´s been an amazing experience and I´m really enjoying my life here. People are very friendly and one has to love the Scottish accent!

I´m very excited about this competition and can´t wait to get some results from our project! Looking forwards to having our daily meetings in a local pubs on thursdays, should be good fun!

I spend my freetime pretending to going to the gym and relaxing with my friends. Love listening to good music, preferably jumping in The Sounds or The Ark gig. I´m addicted to Facebook and my Canon Ixus.

Share a joke here or why not send me a nice email :)

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