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IMG 0292.JPG A bit about me

Well i'm Rachael or Rach to my friends. I am currently going into fourth year of joint honouyrs in maths and statistics which i enjoy (although i will deny it during any stressful period). I'm a complete stress monkey and should be avoided during exams unless you have lucozade and chocolate. In the future i'd love to do my phd in some kind of modelling and biological systems but i'm not sure exactly of the path i would like to follow and of course i need to get the grades first. If i do do this i would love to be a research assistant at glasgow uni and then go on to possibly be a lecturer but again thats all in the future i may run away and become a secret agent before that.i love reading, rock climbing, hiking, I was learning to read and write mandarin chinese which i loved studying until my teacher moved to Malaysia and now i'm a bit swamped with the whole IGEM thing but i can still probably hold a small conversation as long as it was centered around food, hotels airports or other things that i learned countless times. Anyway i applied for the Glasgow team actually because one of my lecturers Raya pointed it out to me as i am interested in this feild for postgraduate study. I think it will be a great oppertunity to learn more about the biological side of things as well as learning a new programming language (Matlab) and new modelling skills. Its also a great way to learn how you need to work as a team with different people from different feilds of study and how to utalise different peoples skills apart from anything its also a great way to meet new people. I am a total geek i read new scientist i love computer games and my favouritre website is look at it it's awesome. I am currently learning to drive and for cheap fuel consumption my car (george the blue corsa) eats nedss so that it can run we decided it would benefit everyone, the emmisions would be cleaner and glasgow would be safer and alot more peaceful. I have no pictures but i have added a very accurate painting i did of george George.JPG

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