Week 2

From 2007.igem.org

07/09/07 - 07/15/07

  • We start plasmid amplification from IGEM 2007 plates.
  • We have some problems with Ampicillin solubility in water. We find that our Ampicillin is not soluble in water, so we try to re-suspend it in NaOH 1M with working concentration of 50μg/ml. Since bacterial cells still grow on our plates, we try to change the antibiotic.

So, we use a water-soluble Ampicillin with working concentration of 100μg/ml. We find that it finally worked.

  • We also have some problems with Kanamycin. We first use it at working concentration of 20μg/ml, but it doesn’t work. Guys from the Boston University team have been so kind to tell us to use Kanamycin at working concentration of 50μg/ml and it works correctly.