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http://2007.igem.org/wiki/images/e/e4/Igem07-web-resources-400.png iGEM offers three valuable web resources for participants:

Learn more about them all here.

Welcome to the iGEM 2007 Wiki. This site is used for community information about iGEM 2007 and team Wikis.

2007 Teachers Workshops

MIT 26 May China 16-17 June Zurich 27 June
See who is attending the teachers workshops
Teachers workshops give instructors information about the iGEM Competition, the Registry of Standard Biological Parts, the use and assembly of BioBrick™ parts, and other tools.

Pictures and commentary from last year's workshop at MIT.

Link to iGEM2007 Team Wiki pages

Every iGEM participant has an account on this wiki. Every iGEM team has a (blank) home page for their team.

This page is provided for the team to describe and documentation for their project on this wiki a week before the Jamboree. The team should also use this wiki to describe their team and may want to use it to coordinate the activities of their team during the summer.

Podcasts We will be providing podcasts on interesting topics. You can add your own as well.